One of the newest additions to the smart speaker space is the the Sonos Beam soundbar. If you haven’t heard of Sonos before it’s one of the best brands in audio and the undisputed king of streaming smart home audio. Their products are simple to set up, easy to use and provide great quality streaming audio.

Sonos systems are designed to play streaming audio throughout your home, with full control provided by the Sonos app where you can choose your song, adjust the volume and even sync multiple Sonos speakers together to play the same music throughout your home.

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The Sonos Beam is a smart Sonos soundbar designed to provide beautiful sound when connected to your TV, but it also doubles as a music system to play streaming music though the speaker. One of the best features of the Sonos Beam is that it has Alexa built in so you can directly talk to your Sonos Beam with Alexa commands. When you use Alexa commands you can control your music, control connected light switches or connected smart plugs when using your voice.

Overall the Sonos Beam is a great addition as a soundbar, music system or theater system. I choose to keep the Sonos Beam and use it as a soundbar for my home. I wirelessly connected the Sonos Beam to two Sonos Play:1 speakers to create full surround sound for movie watching.

Sonos Beam Podcast Review

This Episode Features: 

  • Review of the Sonos Beam soundbar

  • We talk about the features of the Sonos Beam soundbar.

  • How Alexa works with the Sonos Beam

  • How to setup the Sonos Beam for your home

  • Comparison of the Sonos Beam vs Sonos Playbar