“Helped Me Make My Condo Smart

I was looking into automating my condo and this book perfect for helping guide me through the steps needed to automate my home. It detailed step by step what I needed to do to automate my home. Great book to learn home automation and how to prepare my home for the future.

— Adam K.

“Great Place to Start”

This is a great initial resource to find out about what can, at the very least, be a confusing subject. It's a quick read with pretty broad coverage and a lot of links to additional product information to guide your search. I’m using the book as a source info in designing an automation system for a home under construction, and it’s clarified a lot of things and made the job significantly simpler. However, the book isn’t even the best part. You write these guys an email full of questions and they actually respond.. and within a DAY! All in all a great starter resource



"Great buy! Feeling confident I can home automate after reading!"

I read this entire book in 45 minutes, and honestly already feel more confident in my ability to automate my home. I already have a nest (which I love! Saves me money and so convenient) and after reading I am definitely getting an automated lock next! Love how easy and quick to read this books is, as we'll as how the author gives a few options for each product but strait out tells you what he thinks is best and what he uses. It has already saved me hours of painful Google researching/review reading. I Also like how he spells out exactly what to do if you need to hire someone to help you install some of the electrical stuff (locks/light switches). As a woman who is not particularly technologically savvy or knows much about wiring/electric things, after reading I feel more confident in my knowledge about what's actually going on (turns out it's not that complicated or scary!), what to expect contractors to do, about how much it should cost, and what to have ready for them so they can get it done quickly and efficiently. I am also on a tight teachers budget and don't feel like automation is gonna cost me a small fortune anymore. Would recommend to anyone!"

— Olivia B.


“Everything I wanted and more, to help me plan my new home automation system during construction”

— L.G.

“I learned how to be more energy efficient while making my life easier, I didn't think that was possible”

— M.L.


“Stellar, professional service.” 

— L.I.

“I wanted a home automation system without the monthly fees and hassles that big contractors were offering me, I learned how to automate my home at a fraction of the price, and with more features than I thought were possible." 

— S.L.


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