Ring Panic Button Review

Ring Panic Button Review

Ring just launched their Panic Button that is designed to be used with their Ring Security System which can help you trigger your alarm instantly with the push of a button. Ring first launched their smart alarm system in 2018 and it has been a hit ever since.

I personally installed a Ring Security System in my home because of the system’s great value in comparison to competing products and full line of features it offers for a home security system. You can use the system without a monthly subscription cost or upgrade the system to full professional monitoring for only $10 per month.  On top of that you can even arm or disarm your ring security system using Alexa.

Ring has also just added compatibility with a Smart Alarm Siren, Smart Smoke Detector and Smoke Detector Sound Sensor that work with the Ring Security System in addition to the standard motion and door sensors that work with the Ring Security System

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Ring Panic Button Review: The  Ring Panic Button  Works With  The Ring Security System

Ring Panic Button Review: The Ring Panic Button Works With The Ring Security System

Ring Panic Button Review: What can it do?

The Ring Panic Button allows you to instantly tigger your Ring Alarm System by pressing the panic button. The panic button is completely battery powered and the batteries are reported to last up to 3 years. To trigger the panic button once it is setup on the Ring Alarm system just press and hold the Ring Panic Button for 3 seconds and it will trigger the sirens on the Ring Alarm system.

If you have professional monitoring setup it will also trigger the response from the professional monitoring company. They will attempt to contact you to confirm the Alarm, and if they get no response will help dispatch emergency response services.

Ring Panic Button Review: Use Cases

I see the Ring Panic button as a great addition to the Ring Alarm system because it add’s another level of safety response to one of most customizable smart Alarm systems on the market.

Let’s run through a couple of scenarios on how the Ring Panic Button could be used to make your home safer and deter would be intruders.

Let’s say you had a long day and you forgot to set the alarm system, and you hear someone breaking into your home, the Ring Alarm System offers you a way to both trigger the Ring Alarm system, deter and disorient the intruders with the loud sirens and call emergency responders all in one quick action.

In a stressful situation you might not have time to grab your cell phone, and the Ring Panic Button offers the perfect alternative to your cellphone to trigger the Alarm system free of complications.

I would highly recommend placing one Ring Panic button bedside in an easily accessible location or a drawer so when you need it in an emergency you can press the button.

Fire Emergency

In a fire every second is critical to get your family out of the home, let’s say you awake to flame or your smoke detectors going off, pressing the Ring Panic Button allows you to quickly alert first responders in 3 seconds without your cell phone. If you have kids or relatives in your house you’re probably first thinking about getting everyone outside rather than where your cellphone is in the dead of night and the Ring Panic button can easily be pressed and taken with you while searching your other rooms to get your family out. The Ring Alarm system also does offer compatible smoke detectors and a Smoke/CO listener that will trigger the Alarm in a fire event when installed with compatible smoke detectors.

Front Door Stranger Situation

You get a nock on your front door or someone rings your doorbell. If you have a smart doorbell like the Ring Doorbell you can see who is there without even answering the door. But let’s assume that you don’t have Ring Smart Doorbell. Maybe you get to the front door and realize the person there does not have the best of intentions. With a Ring Panic Button located close by you could quickly activate the alarm even without your phone.

It’s also a great way to bring attention to what is happening at your doorstep because your neighbors will most likely hear the Alarm going off and hopefully lend a helping hand.

The Help Button

So maybe you have a relative who lives an independent life but might need a little help from time to time. You worry about them and want to make sure they are safe but they aren’t ready for more help and want to keep living independently. You could add both a Ring Security System and several Ring Panic Buttons in key locations that they could press in case of an emergency like a fall. The Ring Panic button is also small enough that they could even put the button in their pocket if needed.

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Ring Panic Button: Where Should You Place It?

Keeping the Ring Panic button readily available in accessible locations is important to make sure that you have the button when you need it. The buttons are small enough that you could carry them in a pocket but mounting them in a specific location will help your family know where they are in case of an emergency. It’s also good to train your family on how to use the buttons and what happens when the button is pressed and how to deactivate the alarm if needed.

Below we’ve complied the best locations for where you could place a Ring Panic button in your home to enhance the security of your Ring Alarm System.

#1. Ring Panic Button Location: Master Bedroom

If you are only going to get one panic button this is the ideal place for it, easily accessible in the case of an emergency and can be tucked away in a night stand ready for you to quickly press right from your bed.

#2. Ring Panic Button Location: Front Door

If an unintended visitor shows up you can quickly and discreetly trigger your alarm without reaching for your phone. Sticking the button right next to the door frame or on the back of the door is a great location. It also serves a dual purpose if you are being followed you can quickly trigger the alarm once you reach your house.

#3 Panic Button Location: Car

Panic button in the car? Yes, placing the panic button in your car is a great option in case someone is hiding just outside your garage if you live along a public alleyway. You can quickly press the panic button in your car and trigger the Ring Alarm system.

#4 Panic Button Location: Kids Bedroom

If you kids are old enough to be responsible with the Panic button, it’s a great option for them to have in an emergency to trigger the Alarm. It might help them feel safer and gives you a nearby alternate button to press if you’re not close to your front door or master bedroom.

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Ring Panic Button Review: Features

The Ring Panic Button sensors are completely wireless and can be used anywhere within range of your Ring Alarm Base Station, if you want to extend the range of your Ring Alarm base station you can do so by adding additional Ring Alarm Range Extenders.

The Panic Button runs on batteries that are reported to last for 3 years and allows you to trigger your Ring Alarm system with a simple 3 second press of the button. The Panic Button comes with both a mounting plate and an adhesive mounting option to conveniently place the Panic Button on a near by wall or nightstand.

If your Ring Alarm system is connected to the professional monitoring, when you press the Panic Button it will automatically dispatch the professional monitoring company from your Ring Alarm system.

Ring Panic Button Review

Ring Panic Button Review

Ring Panic Button Review: Summary

Our Rating: 9.50/10.00

The Ring Panic button is an essential addition to your Ring Security System. Having one bedside at night will give you piece of mind and it’s simple to use 3 second press avoids you fumbling for your phone in the dark of night, or trying to enter a passcode. I like the Ring Panic Button because it provides an instant action that you can take if an intruder enters your home to trigger the alarm to hopefully scare them off, but it also will draw attention to your home in an emergency and can call the authorities when connected to the Ring Professional monitoring service.

It could even be used in a medical emergency to alert the alarm company and first responders in a last resort situation where you couldn’t get to your phone.

The Ring Panic button offers piece of mind for a small price and is a worth wile insurance policy for any home equipped with a Ring Alarm System.

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