Will A home automation system increase my home value?

Will A home automation system increase my home value?

Yes, a home automation will increase the value of your home.  According to redfin over 68% percent of homeowners want to use smart home technology to become more energy efficient. What’s even more interesting is that all demographics of home buyers want to incorporate home automation features in their homes, however baby boomers are actually the most likely to already have a home automation system installed.

Why does a home automation system increase the value of your home?

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Home Automation is an additional feature that helps your home stand out from the crowd.  The impact is real when a homebuyer sees a home that has been upgraded with the latest smart thermostat technology compared to an old 1980’s style thermostat is signals that the homeowner has taken care of the home and invested the time and money to keep the home up to date.


In the digital age we are all more time constrained than ever, incorporating time saving home automation devices is must have for working professionals trying to squeeze the most out of each day.


Home automation systems save you money, according to independent studies a smart thermostat such as the nest thermostat can save you up to 10% on your heating and cooling each year and those savings can add up when you consider that the average homeowner spends approximately 13 years in their home before moving, it could add up to thousands of dollars in savings


Having the control of your home from your phone is a true conferenced. You can turn on the HVAC to be at just the right temperature when you get home from a long trip when you land at the airport, or if you're a little to cold in bed no problem turn up the heat from the comfort of your bed before starting your day. We all love things that make our life easier, and home automation does just that it makes our lives easier and allows us to live smarter.


Home automation systems give buyers peace of mind, because with motion sensors, smart locks and cameras homeowners can check in on their investment at any time from their phone to make sure things are running smoothly.  A small investment in home automation could save you thousands by preventing a break in, or alerting you when someone suspicious is lingering on your property. Most of us invest our  life savings in our homes, shouldn’t we spend a little bit more to protect our investment?