How To Start Your Smart Home: #001-Podcast


The the first episode of our smart home podcast and full length smart home podcast blog post is live, and we are looking forward to bringing you valuable smart home content in the future. 

Are you lost on where to start with on a smart home? There are thousands of smart home devices all calling for your attention, it can be overwhelming and tough to know where to start with creating a smart home for yourself. We break down the 4 best devices to start your smart home with that won't break the bank and will give you the maximum benefit to your life. 

If you don’t know where to start with a smart home this episode is for you, or if you have a few smart home devices already and want to add more smart devices to your home we review the 4 best devices to start with. In this episode we share the four pillars of designing your smart home system and the four most useful devices when starting out your smart home system. We want to to empower you to start your smart home journey. All of the devices we discuss in this episode are devices we have personally installed, tested and use in our home on a daily basis to make life easier. It’s easy to get caught in the home automation trap thinking that you have to pay thousands to automate your home when in reality you can start automating your smart home for under $60. Click Here For the Podcast Post.


You can find the podcast and full blog post by Clicking Here