Amazon Package Stolen ? - Don't Lose It

Amazon Package Stolen? Learn what to do and how to prevent your Amazon packages from being stolen.

Amazon Package Stolen? Learn what to do and how to prevent your Amazon packages from being stolen.

Was your Amazon package stolen? If so you've come to the right place. We’re going to teach you how to prevent your amazon packages from being stolen in the future. We also teach you what to do if your amazon package was stolen and how to file a stolen amazon package claim.

More importantly learn the strategies you can use to protect your home and Amazon packages from theft using smart cameras, video doorbells, package drop boxes and package hiding places.

But before we get into that, if you're uncertain if your amazon package was stolen Amazon recommends waiting 36 hours if it shows as delivered but has not arrived per this video advice.

What to do if your Amazon package is stolen:

If you've waited 36 hours, looked around your house and asked your neighbors it's time to contact Amazon customer service about your stolen package.

They give you an option to receive a phone call or start a chat with them you can contact Amazon customer service through the following link: Amazon Customer Service Contact Submission

If you know it was stolen and have video or picture evidence you should also contact your local police department with the information.

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How To Prevent Amazon Stolen Packages

Having an Amazon package stolen from your doorstep is frankly awful. More than what you lost it makes you feel violated and question the safety of your home.

Studies show that 30% of people who shop online have had an amazon package stolen but I'd put that closer to 80-100% in major metropolitan areas where it's easy for people to pick off and amazon package on your doorstep without anyone noticing.

When I had my first few Amazon package stolen I wanted to make sure it didn't happen again because it was a huge headache and it creeped me out that someone was coming to my doorstep to steal Amazon packages.

I choose to get a smart doorbell to prevent my amazon packages from being stolen and since I’ve had one, I haven’t a had a single package stolen.

Stop Stolen Amazon Packages: Smart Video Doorbells

Ring Doorbell to prevent Amazon package theft.

Ring Doorbell to prevent Amazon package theft.

One of the best ways to prevent your Amazon packages from being stolen is to add a wifi video doorbell like the Ring Pro, Ring 2, Ring Door View Cam, or Nest Hello Doorbells.

I personally have a Ring Pro Doorbell installed because it is the top of the line doorbell loaded with smart features and works with both the Ring Security System and Alexa to protect my home.

A smart video doorbell serves several purposes:

  1. A video doorbell will let you know when your package arrives so you can make take it inside as soon as possible. Maybe you can call a neighbor, a family member, babysitter or dog walker to take it inside while you're at work.

  2. A video doorbell is an active deterrent to prevent amazon package theft. A theif has to be pretty brazen to want to have their face on camera while they are commiting a crime. Just having a video doorbell can make a would be thief choose another target. What I like about video doorbells is that they are often more visible than security cameras and which makes a would be thief more likely to see they are on camera and move on.

  3. A video doorbell records what's happening at your front door. If your package did get stolen you'll know exactly what happened with the saved video footage. You then have video footage you can send to your local police department. The odds are that people who repetately steal amazon packages will be eventually caught.

Ring Pro Doorbell  & Ring Door View Cam Shown. The Ring Door View cam is designed for use in doors with peepholes and can be installed in the existing peep hole. The Door View Cam is battery powered and wireless.

Ring Pro Doorbell & Ring Door View Cam Shown. The Ring Door View cam is designed for use in doors with peepholes and can be installed in the existing peep hole. The Door View Cam is battery powered and wireless.

Our Top Rated Video Doorbells

Ring Pro Doorbell

I have currently have a Ring Pro Video doorbell on my home to protect my front door with 1080HD streaming video footage and 30 days worth of video clip storage. The Ring Pro video doorbell requires a hardwired powered doorbell connection but there are completely wireless battery powered video doorbells like the Ring 2 and Ring Door View Cam for people who don't have existing doorbell wiring.

I prefer the Ring Pro Doorbell because I never need to change the batteries and it offers full 1080HD live streaming footage from my front door. I’ve also connected my Ring Pro Doorbell my Echo Show 5 so I can watch the live stream from my Alexa device while I’m sitting at my desk.

The Ring Pro Doorbell has advanced motion detection and will save up to 30 days of captured footage in the cloud for remote viewing. The advanced motion detection allows you to draw specific zones than will notify you when motion is detected. This can be helpful if you live on a busy street and want to filter out being notified by lots of traffic.

You can view the footage live or from your phone while at work on in your home. Another feature I like is the silence feature which you can use if you have a baby taking a nap or a dog that doesn’t like doorbells.

Ring 2 Doorbell

The Ring 2 doorbell can operate on either battery power or be hardwired which gives you flexibility for installations. We always recommend hardwiring smart doorbells but on battery power the Ring 2 doorbell can last up to 6 months.

The Ring 2 doorbell lasts up 6 months on battery power and the provided batteries are fully rechargeable. If the Ring 2 doorbell is wired to the correct power source it won’t ever need to be recharged.

The Ring 2 offers 1080HD video footage, and video that is captured and can be viewed from your phone remotely. The biggest difference between the Ring 2 and Ring Pro is that the Ring 2 doesn’t have advanced motion detection it has a slightly larger profile than the Ring Pro Doorbell.

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If you choose one of the Ring Doorbells I recommend pairing it with a Ring Wireless Chime because it will also alert you when motion is detected with a separate doorbell tone so you can catch someone in the act of stealing a package.

I'm happy to report that since I've had my smart video doorbell installed I haven't had a single package stolen, but I did catch a delivery driver backing over my fence and drive away which made the investment in the video doorbell worth it.

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Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are another good option for preventing amazon packages from being stolen from porch but aren't typically as visible as a smart doorbell so thieves might not be deterred if they don't see the smart cameras.

Another advantage of smart doorbells over smart cameras is that most delivery people will ring the doorbell when a package is delivered so you will be notified when the package arrives and make plans to get it picked up sooner rather than later.

Footage from the Ring App available for Ring Doorbells and Ring Cameras showing a stolen package. This footage was taken from a security cameras that are at a higher elevation. The alleged thief might not even know that he’s on camera.

Footage from the Ring App available for Ring Doorbells and Ring Cameras showing a stolen package. This footage was taken from a security cameras that are at a higher elevation. The alleged thief might not even know that he’s on camera.

If you choose to use smart cameras to prevent your amazon packages from being stolen it's best to put the cameras in a visible location and at a lower height. Cameras placed too high don't get good footage of faces which makes identifying suspects difficult.

Beyond preventing stolen Amazon packages smart cameras and smart doorbells are a good security measure to add to any home and can be used in conjunction with a security system to protect your home.

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While it might seem at first like a big expense to add security cameras or a security system to your home you really should ask yourself the question, how much is your safety worth?

In the overall cost of a home adding a few upgrades like smart doorbells and smart cameras and a security system is a relatively small cost but can go a long way to protect your home and you.

If someone is brazen enough to steal an amazon package from your doorstep, how much more desperation does it take them to try and open an unlocked door to see what else they can take.

Get A Lockable Package Drop Box

A lockable drop box is a great way to prevent amazon package theft because it both secures the package and prevents thieves from knowing if a package is inside.

There are a wide variety of package drop boxes available but I typically recommend getting the largest size possible so it can fit most sizes of amazon packages you have delivered.

#1 DVault Deposit Vault

The DVault Box is the largest residential package security box I could find. It's a little pricey but has a huge package capacity. It can fit packages that are  16.9" x 9.25" x 12". It's solidly constructed and has a modern simplistic design.

It's great for both single family homes or condo building to prevent amazon package theft. The box has a one way insertion door that secures packages once inserted. The packages are then secured in a locked storage area at the bottom of the box.

#2 Elephant Trunk Large Secure Package Box

This is one of the largest, more value priced package holders you can get for your house. It's free standing and has a self closing system that allows package to be inserted but they can't be removed unless you have the key. The package holder allows insertion for packages up to the size of a medium flat rate USPS package or about 11.5" x 9.3" x 7.3.

#3 PeelCo Wall Mounted Security Box

This smaller sized package box actually has a fairly large capacity for it's size and how the security hinge is designed. The PeelCo package box can fit up to 18" x 14" x 5". Once inserted the packages can't be retrieved unless you have the key.

What I like about this package box is that you can wall mount it on your home, or fence or leave it as a freestanding box if you choose. It's small enough that it's not overwhelming and the geometry of the box allows a large number of amazon box sizes to fit.

#4 Package Guardian

This is reinforced bag is easy to use. It is secured to your door with a metal cable and when a package arrives the mail carrier just closes the lock and cable to secure the package.

The bag is made of tear resistant material and reinforced with steel so it would be quite an endeavor to "cut" a package out so it does it's job to secure your packages. However I see two disadvantages with this device. Is hanging from your front door which could be unsightly to some people and if you are getting multiple packages in one day from different carriers the second set of package would most likely be left unsecured.

But the Package Guardian has a huge amount of storage space and can fit irregularly sized package which is a big benefit in my opinion.

Secure Package Box: Tips

Beyond using a smart doorbell or smart camera using either a secure package box or Amazon package hiding box are good options for preventing Amazon package theft in high traffic areas.

The only downside to this method is that you will need to educate your package delivery carrier to deliver packages into the right spot. It might take you posting a sign for the first few weeks or making sure you list instructions in the delivery comments section of your order.

Hide Your Amazon Package

Another strategy is to hide create a place to hide your amazon packages. While this won't secure your package it can be an effective way to prevent stolen amazon packages. Most of the time when and amazon package is stolen it's a crime of opportunity, someone is walking by with the intent to steal package and the go for the easiest packages to steal. Most of the time it's the packages that are easy to see and in plain sight. A thief doesn't want to waste time looking around on your porch for a score increasing their odds of being caught or coming up empty handed.

Just the simple act of providing a hiding place for your amazon packages can help prevent your packages from being stolen. The issue with this method is that it typically requires you to coordinate with your local delivery people so they know you have a place to hide the packages. Or if you can include instructions on your delivery it's a good idea to include instructions to leave it in your hiding place.

Hiding your packages can be as easy as getting a large planter to hide packages behind or you can get a purpose built box to store and hide packages that will also protect them from the rain like the package storage boxes we've listed below.

If you choose a package box with a locking latch you can also add a smart package lock or you can add just a standard combination padlock like this.

With the padlock option typically you use the 2nd address line on the package to list "Gate Code 1234" or "Lock Code 1234" and some carriers will go use the combination code to deliver the package into the locked box. It won't work for everyone but some carriers will do it.

The Box Lock Solution

The box lock is a more sophisticated version of this and actually integrates with major carriers like Amazon, Fedex, UPS and USPS and opens up when your package delivery person scans the box on with the built in bar code scanner on the bottom of the lock. It's a pretty slick system but once again requires a little bit of carrier education by you until its use becomes more widespread.

But even if you don't choose to add a lock to your storage or hiding box most of the time just having the package out of view can prevent package theft.

Amazon Package Hiding Solutions

Step 2 Package Delivery Box

The Step 2 Package delivery box is a nice medium sized storage container that can hide your amazon packages. It also has a built in locking latch if you choose to use it. I also like that the amazon package box has a wide variety of colors to choose from to fit in with the colors of your home.

Deck Bench

This deck bench is also a good covert option for package storage. It's huge so it can fit almost any package you might receive and it doubles in function as a bench. You'll need to make sure that you include delivery instructions so that carriers will deliver into the bench but it can be a good stealth option for package delivery.

If you have the space on your porch for the deck bench I think it's an excellent way to add functionality to your porch and prevent package theft.

It doesn't have a locking latch but you could add one easily if you wanted.

Express Package Delivery Box

This is one of the most economical ways to hide your packages from view. It doesn't have a lock but does have a lot of storage space to keep your packages safe from the elements and prying eyes.

It's simple, and it's inexpensive. It also has the word "deliveries" engraved on the side to encourage delivery people to use the box.

Other Methods To Protect Stolen Amazon Packages

There are a couple other methods to protect your amazon packages from getting stolen but they require you to get your Amazon packages delivered somewhere else.

Workplace Amazon Package Delivery

Amazon Workplace Package Delivery? Are you ok with limited privacy?

Amazon Workplace Package Delivery? Are you ok with limited privacy?

Some people choose to get their Amazon packages delivered to work, but it's always good to check your workplace policy on this. Mail rooms can easily be overrun with dozens of packages if people don't pick them up quickly. The other issue that can arise is that if your package is scheduled to arrive on a Sunday your workplace is most likely closed.

The other thing you need to consider is if you don't mind your coworkers seeing what you're getting delivered from Amazon. Packages delivered from your workplace don't get the same level of privacy as something delivered to your home.

Prevent Amazon Package Theft With Amazon Lockers

The option I like better than having your Amazon packages delivered to your work is having them delivered to an Amazon Locker. If you live in a bigger city this is a great option because your package will be secure and you can pick it up on your schedule.

Amazon lockers are secure lockers controlled by Amazon that you unlock using your phone and the Amazon app.

Stolen Amazon Package Summary

We’ve given a ton of options to prevent your Amazon Package from being stolen. I’ve ranked them in order below. Don’t forget to read our FAQ below also if you’re looking for something more specific.

  1. Smart Doorbell (Ring or Nest) - This is my favorite option because it’s convenient, and it serves a dual purpose to protect your home. Smart doorbells also have the best visibility to deter thieves. I use a Ring Doorbell to protect my home.

  2. Smart Cameras ( Ring or Nest) - This has many of the same advantages of smart doorbells but cameras are often less visible so they might not deter a criminal as much as a smart doorbell. The other disadvantage is that there is no doorbell for package carrier to press to alert you when a package has arrived.

  3. Locked Package Storage Boxes - This a great way to secure packages and is convenient but it requires your package carriers to be onboard with correctly delivering the packages into the box. The only disadvantage is that you are often limited on package size.

  4. Hide Your Packages - This requires your carrier to be onboard with hiding your Amazon packages which can sometimes be difficult. Your packages are also left unsecured.

  5. Use An Amazon Locker - This is secure and you won’t get your packages stolen but it does require you to go out of your way to pick up your package.

  6. Get Your Packages At Work - Secure but you don’t have any privacy and your weekend packages probably won’t be delivered.

Stolen Amazon Package FAQ:

What smart doorbells do you recommend?

Ring Pro, Ring 2, Ring Door View Cam and Nest Hello.

The Ring Pro is the smart doorbell with the most features. The Ring 2 Doorbell has many of the same features but can be either battery powered or hardwired and the Ring Door View Cam is battery powered. I recommend installing a hardwired doorbell camera when possible.

What Smart Cameras Do You Recommend?

The Nest Outdoor, Ring Stick Up Cam and Ring Floodlight Cameras are my favorite smart cameras for protecting your home. The Nest Outdoor Camera and Ring Stick Up Cameras plug into any outdoor outlet and are easy to install.

The Ring Floodlight Camera is a hardwired camera that replaces hardwired outdoor light fixtures. The Ring Stick Up Camera also comes in battery powered version also. If you are looking for another battery powered camera option the Arlo Camera system can be a good option as well.

What To Do If Amazon Package Is Stolen?

If you saw your package was stolen on video you should report it to the local authorities first to file a police report. Then provide your video footage or camera pictures to the authorities. If you have a Ring Device you can also use the Ring Neighbors app which is available on both iOS and Android it's a great place to post and share local security camera footage. People in your neighborhood will often have other reports or footage of repeat offenders. Local police also use the footage to help catch amazon package thieves.

If you're not certain the package was stolen and it just hasn't arrived you should make sure to check around your house for the package and check with your neighbors. I've had packages delivered to neighbors and they showed up a day or two later. Typically you should also wait one day before reporting the package to Amazon if it hasn't arrived yet because it's possible it's still in transit. I've also had this happen and the package showed up the next day after I thought it was stolen.

You can then make an Amazon Stolen Package claim by contacting support or following the instructions below.

How Do I Make An Amazon Stolen Package Claim?

You should contact Amazon. We typically recommend looking around your house, checking with your neighbors for the package and waiting a day before contacting Amazon. You can contact Amazon about stolen packages on this page: Amazon Contact Page

If you know what carrier your package was shipped with you can also

What if Amazon rejects my Amazon Stolen Package Claim?

You have a few options, you can contact the seller of the product and see if they will provide you a replacement. Oftentimes if you are willing to give them positive feedback and tell them it would encourage you to give a positive review they might be likely to give you a replacement item.

You also can contact the carriers that delivered the package. If it's one of the large name carriers like UPS, FedEX or USPS it's possible to file a claim directly with the carrier. But it often depends on what level of service the shipper sent the package with. Some shipping levels don't have claim protection.

We've included the links to file a claim with each delivery service.

USPS Package Claim

FedEx Package Claim

UPS Package Claim