Best Smart Doorbell If You Have Low Power

Best Low Power Doorbell Setup: Ring Doorbell 2

The Ring 2 doorbell has a battery but can also be powered a hardwired connection. Even if you have low power from your wiring that won’t work with other doorbells, the Ring 2 will work because it will use the power to constantly charge they battery making the battery last much longer or it will keep the battery fully charged and you won’t ever need to recharge the batteries. The Ring 2 doorbell will recharge on a voltage as low as 8V and will work with any voltage in the range of 8V-24V which is a much larger range of working voltages than competing doorbells.

If you have less than 16V at your smart doorbell you might have issues getting your electronic or mechanical chime to work. Ring has a solution for this, they offer two options for “plug in chimes” that will work with the Ring Doorbell 2 and can be placed anywhere in your home.

The pro chime functions as both a wifi range extender and doorbell chime and will help boost the connectivity of the Ring 2 Doorbell. The regular chime functions as only a chime.