Best Smart Home Wedding Gifts

Best Smart Home Wedding Gifts:  Nest Thermostat ,  Nest Cam  &  Echo Show  Pictured

Best Smart Home Wedding Gifts: Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam & Echo Show Pictured

Are you looking for a wedding gift but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you waited too long and that Kitchenaid Mixer the happy couple wanted has already been taken off the wedding registry. Below we cover the perfect smart home wedding gift for any couple that they are sure to love, for tech lovers or the tech challenged.

The  Nest Thermostat  is a great smart home wedding gift.

The Nest Thermostat is a great smart home wedding gift.

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift For Home Owners:

If the happy couple already has a home or has one in their sights you can’t go wrong getting them a long lasting gift that will make their nest a home. So what is the best smart home gift for new home owners? A Nest Smart Thermostat. With a Nest Smart Thermostat the new couple will be able to control their heating and cooling from their phone and can use the Nest Thermostat to help save energy live more comfortably in their new home. With the Nest you can turn up and down the heat from the comfort of your bed without even needing to get up from underneath the covers.

The Nest Thermostat has an elegant design that elevates the look of any room and offers easy installation. 95% of all homes are compatible with the Nest Thermostat and installing a Nest Thermostat is as easy removing the old thermostat and transferring the old wiring to the new nest thermostat. Most home owners have no problem installing the nest themself but Nest also has a great list of local pros that can install the thermostat if they have any issues.

If your in laws or Great Uncle Claude already picked up the Nest Thermostat from the gift registry don’t worry. There’s another great smart home wedding gift you can get for your new home owners. A smart doorbell like the Ring Pro or Nest Hello is a great addition to any home and allows the happy couple to keep tabs on their home when at work or watch for that new Amazon package to arrive. Both the Nest Hello and Ring Doorbell Pro offer easy installation but require that the home owner have an existing wired doorbell. If they don’t it’s not a big deal you can get them the Ring 2 Wireless Doorbell which is 100% wireless and battery powered. All they need to do is set the doorbell up on their phone screw it into the wall and they are ready to secure their front door. Just be warned, if you’re the outcast in-laws they might pretend they aren’t home when they see you at the front door on their new high tech smart doorbell.

Ring Pro Doorbell (Wired) - This top of the line doorbell will do the trick and it offers full functionality with Alexa. Just note that you need existing doorbell wiring to install this doorbell.

Nest Hello Doorbell (Wired) - If the couple already has a Nest Thermostat it’s nice to keep all of their products in one ecosystem. The Nest Hello works with the Nest App so all of the smart home control is in one interface.

The  Nest Hello Smart Doorbell  is a great add on to any home if they already have a  Nest Thermostat

The Nest Hello Smart Doorbell is a great add on to any home if they already have a Nest Thermostat

Ring 2 Doorbell (Wireless) - The Ring 2 Doorbell is completely wireless and battery powered meaning that it doesn’t need any additional wiring. It can be mounted right at the front door with just a few screws and no wiring required. If you’re not sure what doorbell to get this one will work with all homes, and if they do have wiring it still offers the option to hardwire the doorbell on the built in charging terminals on the doorbell.

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift For Renters:

Maybe the happy couple hasn’t settled down or they live in that tiny apartment in the “trendy” neighborhood. Get them a smart home gift they can take with them. If you wan’t to make their life easier and are going for that wow factor a Smart Home voice assistant like the Echo Show is perfect. With the Echo Show is full size video touch screen voice assistant you can play music with, view your calendar, set timers, video chat and even watch movies on your Echo Show. The Echo Show offers high quality sound, smart home control and an easy to use touch screen that they can even watch cooking videos on. It can control smart home devices like smart plugs and smart light bulbs using your voice. All you need to say is “Alexa, turn off the lights” and if you have a compatible smart plug or smart light bulb you can control them. The Echo Show is great for renters because it plugs into any wall outlet and can easily travel with the couple to their new home when they decide to upgrade. This is an all in one device that offers music, video calling and smart home control. It will be a valued addition to any apartment or home.

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift For Music Lovers

Do you want grandchildren, or maybe a niece or nephew? Well maybe you should read this…according to Sonos people who have music playing on speakers in their homes are happier, feel more together and have 67% more….. well just read the link to find out.

The Sonos One is a great smart streaming music speaker that has Alexa built in and provides amazing sound quality. The happy couple will be able to stream their favorite music right from their phones that seem to be permanently attached to their hands. Sonos is the gold standard in music and the great thing about Sonos is that if you get one Sonos speaker they can always get more speakers to add more music to their home as all of the speakers can pair together to create immersive sound. A Sonos One is more than big enough to fill a master bedroom, kitchen or office with great sound and will be enjoyed by all.

If you want to go a little bigger you could get them the Sonos Beam Soundbar with Alexa built in that is designed to be a soundbar for their TV but can also stream music when the TV isn’t playing. If you wan’t to go really big you can get them a full surround sound set with a Sonos Beam and Two Sonos One Speakers to provide them with a complete streaming music system and surround sound audio if they choose to set it up in the same room as their Sonos Beam.

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift For New Parents:

New parents or is a baby on the way in the near future? A Nest Cam is the perfect gift for new parents it’s the new school baby monitor. The Nest Cam can be placed anywhere in the home and allows the new parents to stream the video directly to their phone. So if the baby is down taking a nap the parents can check in right from their phone and watch what is going on.

The Nest Cam has a built in microphone that allows two way communication so that the parents can hear the baby and talk to the baby if needed. It can also be used as a nanny cam, to check in on your pet or just to secure the home with live streaming video recording.

Nest Cam

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift for the DIY Couple

If the newlyweds are serious DIY enthusiasts get them something that will not only challenge their DIY spirit but add luxury to their home. For the DIY couple we recommend outfitting them with whole home of smart light switches. The smart light switches come in both on/off and dimmer formats and offer smart lighting control from their phone or with their voice using a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home. Being able to turn on an off your lights with your voice is a true luxury and a surefire way to impress guests.

The smart light switches install with standard wiring when a neutral is available and just require the DIY’ers to take out their old light switches replace them with new light switches. They work on standard wifi networks and offer quick and easy installation. For a skilled DIY installer it should take about 15-20minutes to install each new smart light switch.

Smart Dimmer Light Switches

Best Smart Home Wedding Gift For The Tech Challenged:

If the happy couple doesn’t have a clue about tech don’t worry there is still a great smart home gift that is sure to please. For the tech challenged we recommend the Dyson V10 Battery powered vacuum. These battery powered vacuums have serious suction and can clean up every mess thrown at them. The Dyson has an eye catching design and easy to use features that make it a must have for any new home. With the Dyson V10 the new couple won’t be arguing about who has to vacuum because they will both want to do it.

The freedom of being cord free makes vacuuming less of a chore and more of fun task, with it’s pistol grip both men and women find using the Dyson V10 delightful. Don’t be fooled by it’s small form factor and light weight this is a serious vacuum and can completely replace a corded vacuum in all but the largest homes. This is a great gift for any couple that will keep on giving for many years.

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum

Best Smart Home Wedding Gifts: Summary

We’ve tested and installed all of the Smart Home wedding gifts and there is something for everyone on the list above. All of the smart home gifts above are amazing and should please even the most fickle couples but if you need to pick just one gift you can’t go wrong with a Nest Thermostat or Dyson V10 as everyone uses both often and they will make any couples married life easier.

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