5 Smart home upgrades that will increase the value of your home

5 smart home upgrades that will increase the value of your home. 

Smart home devices are the new granite countertops, it’s more than a trend and it’s here to stay. Baby boomers and millennial home buyers are looking for smart home upgrades when they purchase a new home, according to forbes 72% of millenial home buyers are willing pay more for a smart home.

Smart home upgrades can be a quick, easy way to boost the value of your home and let you enjoy the benefits of a smart home even if you decide not to sell. Smart home upgrades aren't hard like a major renovation and can often be completed in a few hours.

If your looking to maximize the value of your home without breaking the bank a smart home upgrade is a great DIY project to take on yourself.

Top 5 smart home upgrades to increase the value of your home:

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been on the market now for over a decade and have proven to save energy, save time and can even help protect your house and family from dangerous carbon monoxide fumes when connected to compatible smart smoke detectors. Many utility companies provide rebates or incentives for upgrading to a smart thermostat so make sure to check with your utility company for rebates.

Best Smart Thermostats: Nest Generation 3 Thermostat & Ecobee Generation 4 with Alexa

2. Smart Smoke Detectors

Safety first! Smart smoke can alert you if there is a smoke or fire even when your not home, this is a must have for many families with kids or pets. Smart smoke detectors also report their battery levels and self check weekly to determine if there are any issues with the smoke detector. Most importantly smart smoke detectors will let you know if someone tampered with the batteries and if your smoke detector is not working. When used with a compatible smart thermostat  smart smoke detectors can automatically turn off the HVAC system in the case of a fire, smoke or carbon monoxide to prevent adding fuel to the fire and give you more time to escape a dangerous situation.

Recommended Smoke Detectors: Nest Protect Smoke Detector Battery Powered or Wired

3. Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells provide buyers with a sense of security, it’s great to know who is at the door before you get there. It’s also a great way to know when your packages get delivered and deter anyone from stealing Amazon packages that arrive at your door.

Recommended Devices: Nest Hello or Ring Pro Doorbell

4. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting inspires awe and is magical. With new smart lighting options on the market you can turn on and off your lighting with your phone from anywhere in the world. You can also link your smart voice assistants to your lighting to control your smart lighting with your voice. Voice control of your lighting is the ultimate smart home upgrade. There is nothing like laying in bed and telling your house to turn off the lights and go so sleep when your already cozy under the covers.

Recommended Device: Leviton Wifi Smart Dimmer  or One Hour Smart Home Horizon Series On/Off Switch

5. Smart Locks

Smart locks make a statement on your front door, it’s one of the first things a home buyer sees when entering your home and sets the tone for a showing. With a smart lock you can ditch the keys and forget about ever being worried about being locked out again. Smart locks allow you to set your own code and a separate code for guests. You can also schedule when a guest code will work for dog walkers, babysitters or housekeepers, so they only have access to your house when you want them to.

Recommended Device: Yale X nest Smart Lock