What TV's work with Alexa?

What TV's work with Alexa?

What TV’s Work with Alexa? We cover all of the best TV’s that work with Amazon Alexa and what you can do if your TV doesn’t have Alexa compatibility built in. Sony and LG are the leaders for TV’s that have built in Alexa capability. To control your smart Sony or LG TV with Alexa and your voice all you need is a compatible Amazon Echo device like the Echo Dot.

Once your Echo Dot is connected to your smart TV that works with Alexa you can control it with voice commands to turn up or down the volume, turn on or off the TV and request your favorite show.

If you want to upgrade your existing TV to work with Alexa you can get an Amazon Fire TV Cube that will work with any TV that has an HDMI port and allow you to control your TV with your voice. The Amazon Fire TV Cube has 4K resolution and will also allow you to access Amazon Prime Movies, Netflix and other streaming services.

Overall the Sony & LG TV’s work with Alexa and provide a great value to future proof your TV with Alexa built in.

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