Best Smart Plugs That Work With Google Home

Best Smart Plugs That Work With Google Home

Do you know what smart plugs work with Google Home? In this post we cover the best smart plugs to use with Google Home. We cover what Google Home is, what it can do and how you connect your smart plugs and smart devices to Google Home.

There is a wide variety of smart plugs that work with Google Home but they all work in slightly different ways. A smart plug allows you to control devices you would normally plug into a wall with a smart wifi device that can turn on or off the device remotely. People commonly use smart plugs to control lamps, fans and even coffee makers.

When your smart plug is connected to Google Home it will allow you to control the smart plug with smart voice commands like “Ok Google, turn on the bedside lamps” or “Ok Google, turn on the family room lights”

Adding smart home Google Home voice control to your home is a true luxury and it’s easy to add smart plug control by just plugging in the smart plug setting it up and then connecting it to Google Home. It sounds too easy to be true but it’s not. We teach you everything you need to know about smart plugs and how they can be used in your home for smart lighting control, fan or coffeemaker control with Google Home.

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