Best HomeKit Smart Locks

Best HomeKit Smart Locks

We cover the best HomeKit compatible smart locks and how they can be used in your smart home.

If you are in the market for a smart lock that works with HomeKit there are several options that will provide the best user experience, easy installation and great compatibility with Siri and HomeKit. I’ve had a smart lock installed on my home for years and it has made my life easier by no longer needing to take keys with me on short errands, walks with my dog or when I go for a run.

Smart locks that work with HomeKit will allow you to control you’re smart lock from your phone but they will also allow you to control your smart lock using homeKit and Siri voice commands to lock or unlock your door by saying “Siri, lock my door”

A HomeKit enabled smart lock is a great way to upgrade your front door to allow full remote access, manage user codes and track the history of who has entered your house.

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