How To Install A Nest Common Wire

How To Install A Nest Common Wire

We teach you how to add a common C wire to the Nest Thermostat if you are having low power issues with your Nest Smart Thermostat a common wire will most likely solve your issue. The Common wire or C wire is used to provide constant power to your nest thermostat. Adding a C wire to the Nest will help maximize the thermostat performance and solve most power sharing issues you might experience with the Nest. Not all HVAC systems require the Nest to have a common wire but some do and you typically won’t know if your HVAC system requires a common wire until your Nest Thermostat is already connected.

We teach you several options for adding a common wire for the Nest Thermostat including the use of a plug in common wire transformer which can be found on Amazon and just plugs right into an outlet and your Nest Thermostat to provide a constant supply of power.

Options to add a C wire to the Nest Thermostat.

  1. Install a Common Wire Transformer

  2. Hire an HVAC Professional

  3. Install a Common Wire Resistance Device

  4. Use the Fan Wire as a Common Wire

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