Best HomeKit Thermostats

Best HomeKit Thermostats

We review the best home kit thermostat for your smart home. Adding a smart thermostat that is compatible with HomeKit will allow you to use your Siri on your phone to control your HomeKit compatible thermostat with your voice.

You can say things like “Siri set the heat to 70 degrees” to control your thermostat without the need to touch your thermostat.

There is a large number of smart thermostats that work with HomeKit but there are a few that provide exceptional features, simplicity and great design. We cover the best HomeKit smart thermostats as well as provide the full list of smart thermostats that are compatible with HomeKit and Siri.

In our review we found the Ecobee and Sensi Thermostats to be the best HomekIt thermostats, also followed by Mysa smart thermostats which provides great HomeKit control for high voltage electric baseboard heating systems.

If you are looking for a smart home thermostat that is compatible with HomeKit our guide should help you make the right decision on the best HomeKit Thermostat for you.

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