#007 Lifedoor The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life

One Hour Smart Home Podcast Episode #007 The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life. Lifedoor

One Hour Smart Home Podcast Episode #007 The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life. Lifedoor

#007 Lifedoor The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life

One Hour Smart Home Podcast Episode #007: Hosted by-James Both

"This smart device can save your life" -James Both

In this episode we interview the co-founder of lifedoor.io Joel Sellinger. Joel has an amazing story and is a fireman who has dedicated his life to serving others and has created a smart home product that can help save lives.

Lifedoor is a smart device that allows your door to close in automatically in the event of a fire. This significantly increases the safety of your home to help contain a fire and give you and your family more time to escape or wait for the fire department to arrive. 

Smart Home Podcast #007: The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life

Smart Home Podcast #007: The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life

Joel the co-founder of Lifedoor is a fireman and designed this product to save lives after experiencing a tragic on duty incident as a fireman that a device like life-door could have prevented. 

We hope that you support lifedoor in their journey because they are helping people and families to live safer lives and prevent the devastating affects.  We

You can support Joel’s mission by ordering a smart door device at lifedoor.io

Lifedoor: A Smart Door Can Save Your Life

Lifedoor: A Smart Door Can Save Your Life

How Lifedoor Works

How Lifedoor Works

This Episode Features: 

  • An Interview with Lifedoor Company Founder Joel Sellinger

  • Smart Door Technology that can save your life

  • A real world tragedy that inspired a man to make the world a safer place.

  • Why fire safety is important and how you can protect your family from fires.

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#007 Life Door The Smart Door That Can Save Your Life

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Show Notes (Time Stamped)

  • Interview with Joel Sellinger - Co-founder of lifedoor

  • 1:00 LifeDoor is the smart door that closes when a smoke or fire alarm is activated. Lifedoor was the perfect combination of two careers firefighting and being a builder. 

  • 2:50 What does Lifedoor do? Underwriters laboratories says that fires burn hotter, faster, and more toxic than ever before because of the things that we put in our houses. 

  • 3:30 The standard response time for a fire is 5 Minutes for a Fire Department.  LifeDoor is a smart door designed to extend survivability by closing the door in a fire.  This can greatly increase the safety in a home and survivability. 

  • 4:30 Lifedoor works by listening to your smoke alarms to close the door. It also will repeat the existing smoke alarm in your home. 

  • 6:00 How do you install life door smart door? You can put the Lifedoor on in just a few minutes with a screwdriver.  

  • 7:30 How did Lifedoor get invented? Tragic story of an elderly woman who passed because her door wasn’t closed. Joel saw a need that technology could be used to save lives.  

  • 9:00 Joel couldn’t find any product that did anything similar, after explaining it to a friend.  

  • 10:30 How home automation can save lives using technology.

  • 11:00 What has been your most rewarding day as a fireman? Anytime that they can help someone is a good feeling, second alarm fire and another fire broke out at the same time.  It took 10 minutes for the fire department to arrive after the call.  The Door Protected the kids from the fire for almost 12 minutes and their lives were saved by having their door closed. 

  • 16:00 You can support Lifedoor going to lifedoor.io 

  • 17:51 Lifedoor can help people with limited mobility live safer lives. 

  • 20:00 Many commercial properties and hospitals already use similar products because they understand the importance of protecting people with limited mobility. 

  • 21:45 The Lifedoor device works with Z-Wave to work with the Samsung and Wink Home control hubs. 

  • 23:00 Lifedoor is both a safety device and smart home device. 

What smart home devices does Joel have in his home? 

1. Echo Show 

2. Ring Doorbell 

3. Nest x Yale Front Door Lock 

4. Nest Protect Smoke Alarms 

Joel’s Favorite Smart Home Device? 

Echo Show is Joel’s favorite device because of its functionality, and their daily use of the Echo Show to stream music.  

To order Lifedoor or support Joel and Lifedoor visit:




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