Echo Flex vs Echo Dot

Echo Flex vs Echo Dot

Echo Flex vs Echo Dot

Echo Flex vs Echo Dot, which one should you get? The Echo Flex is Amazon’s newest smart speaker that is designed to plug into a wall to and work just like the rest of the Echo devices with the Alexa built in smart assistant. However the Echo Flex has a few key features that have never been available on Alexa devices before which is what makes this smart speaker unique.

If you follow my blog or youtube channel you know I love Alexa and have almost everything I can automated with smart voice commands when I walk through the home. I’ve automated smart lighting, my Ring Smart Doorbell and Nest Thermostat with voice commands and Alexa. Up till now that means that I’ve needed to place an Echo device in every room and find a shelf or a desk to place the Echo device on. That’s fine for some locations but in other locations I’ve disliked having a cord running along the wall so I bought a wall mount for Echo Dot. However the wall mount doesn’t have a built in look and can look clunky on a wall.

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Echo Flex Solves A Problem

The Echo Flex solves the wall mounting problem because it can be discreetly plugged into any wall outlet, and is wall mounted right in the outlet. It’s an ingenious was too ensure you have good Alexa voice microphone coverage throughout your home without being intrusive.

A perfect example of a place where I’ve always wanted to place an Alexa device was out bathroom. We have built in Sonos speakers that I’ve always wanted to control with Alexa but I don’t have an Echo Device in the bathroom. It’s because the only outlet we have is right next to the vanity and placing an Echo Dot on the counter would have just looked strange.

But now I have a solution, the Echo Flex can be neatly plugged into the outlet in the bathroom without any extra cords and now I can control my built in Sonos speakers with voice commands in the morning so I can play music in the shower hands free.

I can also see the Echo Flex being a great fit for spaces that you don’t want to have an Echo Dot on table or shelf but you still want voice control. I could see the Echo Flex having good uses in dining rooms, bathrooms and hallways or other rooms where you want to discreetly place an Alexa Device.

However in the same product announcement for the Echo Flex Amazon also announced an improved Echo Dot with an included LED clock screen built in to make the Echo Dot more effective as an Alarm clock.

Echo Flex vs Echo Dot: Extra Features

The Echo Flex has several notable features that are a big improvement over the Echo Dot. It has a built in USB port that can be used for charging a phone or other USB device but what I love more is the additional features you can add through the USB port.

The Echo Flex is designed to work with different modules you can plug into the bottom of the USB port to add functionality. There is currently a smart night light and a smart motion detection sensor can be added as modules to the Echo Flex.

Echo Flex Smart Night Light

I currently have a night light in by bathroom, and with the Echo Flex I know it will be getting replaced. The smart night light for Echo Flex from thirdreality is a small wonder in it’s own right and is loaded with well thoughtout features.

The night light plugs into the bottom of the Echo Flex connecting to the built in USB port for a built in look. Once connected the Echo Flex Night Light automatically starts to set up.

The Echo Flex Night Light can be controlled by Alexa voice commands or through your phone using the Alexa App. You can even set schedules with the night light to tell it to turn on or off. Or you can let the night light use it’s auto sensor to automatically turn on when darkness is detected.

But what’s even cooler is that it’s not just a standard nightlight you can choose the color and adjust the brightness of the Echo Flex Night Light all from your phone. Which is a feature I love so you can customize the light colors and levels to the perfect setting.

Echo Flex Motion Sensor

Amazon has teamed up with third reality to provide motion sensor module what plugs into the bottom Echo Flex USB port. The motion sensor detects motion up to 2020 feet away and can easily be set up on the Alexa app once plugged in to the Echo Flex.

The Echo Flex motion sensor allows you to set routines to trigger actions with your other Alexa devices when motion is detected so your other Alexa connected devices like smart lighting will turn on when motion is detected.

I already have Alexa connected smart lighting throughout my house so I could trigger my smart lighting to turn on when motion is detected when I get home. I’ve actually been looking for a motion sensor for a long time that would allow me to do this for several reasons.

When it’s dark out it and I’m coming inside with my dog a lot of times I don’t have a free hand I’ve always wanted my foyer lights to turn on automatically. The other reason I’ve wanted a motion sensor activated light is for security.

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If someone enters my house I want the lights to turn on automatically so they think someone is there and the hopefully are detrued and leave. But I’ve also wanted the motion sensor to alert me in bed by turning on an Alexa controlled night stand light by my bed so I know if there’s an intruder in my house so I can send my 8lb attack dog to protect me.

Yes I have a full Ring Alarm System but, I like having the motion activated light as a backup and to alert me in another part of the Home if I don’t have an alarm set.

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Echo Flex vs Echo Dot : Feature Comparison

Echo Dot

Not Wall Mounted, Sits In Place

No Motion Detection

No Built In Night Light

No Extra Charging Port

Better Speaker

Less Discrete

Echo Flex

Wall Mounted

Built In Motion Detector

Built In Night Light

USB Phone Charging Port For Other Devices

Small Speaker

Discrete Placement

Echo Flex vs Echo Dot Summary

Overall I think the Echo Flex is a great little device that fits a perfect niche. It’s discreet, it has extra modules that can be added for additional features and it looks great on a wall without any cords. Not every room has a an outlet or shelf in the perfect place to add an Echo Dot and the Echo Flex addresses this problem.

It also is a great way to ensure Alexa voice command coverage throughout your home so when you say an Alexa command, Alexa will hear you and respond.

For the most part the Echo Flex has all of the same features as the Echo Dot and then some. The only place that the Echo Dot has an advantage is that it has a much larger clearer speaker for playing music. However I don’t really use my Echo Dot for playing music. For listening to streaming music Sonos Speakers or the Echo Studio speaker are a better choice. I have a variety of built in and Freestanding Sonos speakers throughout my house for listening to streaming music which I love.

If you already have Alexa devices, the Echo Flex is a great way to extend a Alexa functionality throughout you home. With the addition of the Echo Flex Motion Sensor I highly recommend pairing it with Alexa smart lighting for motion activate control of your smart light switches.

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