Is Nest Thermostat Worth It?

I’ve had a Nest Thermostat in my home since they came out with the first Generation and when I moved upgraded to the Nest Generation 3 Smart Thermostat to replace the existing manual thermostat that was in the new home.

But the question is Nest worth it?

Yes, I absolutely think the Nest Thermostat is worth it, for a variety of reasons and we will dive into the details of each reason why below. If you are new to smart home devices and considering the Nest we will also give you a short explanation on what the Nest does and how you can use it in your home.

What is the Nest Thermostat?

The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat that allows you to remotely control your heating and cooling from your phone, both inside your house and outside your home if your are at work or even on vacation. The Nest Thermostat is also packed with smart features that can help you save energy, be more comfortable and even make you safer. It installs where your old thermostat was and connects to your home Wifi system for remote control. It typically installs in 15-30 minutes and most homeowners can complete the Nest Thermostat upgrade with just a screw driver.

Is Nest Thermostat Worth It? Energy Savings:

The Nest Thermostat can save you energy if you let it, when I moved into a new home and installed the Nest Thermostat we immediately saw our heating and cooling bill drop below the previous owners bill just by letting the Nest Thermostat smart features do their job.

The Nest Thermostat has a built in motion sensor that can detect motion and when it detects that you aren’t at home using it’s motion sensor and other smart systems it will automatically dial back your heating or cooling system to save you energy. I’ve found that this auto energy saving feature will help save you money, and if you want it to be cool or hotter when you get home you can just use the app to adjust the thermostat to the correct temperature before you drive home.

The Nest Thermostat also can integrate with the Nest App on your phone to detect your GPS location in combination with the built in motion sensor to help you save energy when it detects that you have left your home. You can enable or disable the GPS feature in the app but it does help the Nest Thermostat more accurately detect if you are home or away to save energy.

I’m not the only one who has save a ton of energy and money with the Nest Thermostat. There are independent studies that confirm smart thermostats can help you save energy. This is why many utility providers provide rebates for smart thermostats because the Nest Thermostats energy saving features can help our nations aging electrical grid save energy.

Is Nest Thermostat Worth It? Comfort:

I tend to get hot when I sleep at night and before the Nest Thermostat I would often just a bad sleep because, the thermostat temperature was too high before going to bed. This meant I either had to get terrible sleep or wake up, get out of bed and go adjust the thermostat.

With the Nest Thermostat if I’m too hot or cold I can adjust the thermostat on my phone, or by using Alexa or Google Home voice commands. It’s a game changer and has significantly increased how comfortable I am sleeping every night.

Nest also went one step further and created Nest Room Sensors, that can be placed in any room and give you the precise temperature where the sensor is placed and let you control the temperature in that specific room. I have placed one of these in my master bedroom so that I know exactly what temperature it is when I’m going to sleep any easily make any adjustments for maximum comfort.

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Is The Nest Thermostat Worth It? Safety:

The Nest Thermostat has several safety features built in that old style thermostats can’t even compete with. Because the Nest Thermostat is a wifi connected thermostat it can alert you if the temperature gets low in a situation where your pipes could freeze or if it would be too cold for your family pets. This safety feature is a huge win for the Nest Thermostat and the safety of your pets.

If you combine the Nest Thermostat with the Nest Protect Smart CO/Smoke Detectors, the Nest Thermostat can integrate with the Nest Protect CO/Smoke Detectors to shut down the furnace if a fire or carbon monoxide is detected. This safety feature could help give your family the extra time you need to escape in the event of an emergency because it will prevent the HVAC system from blowing smoke through the house and stop a potential source of Carbon Monoxide from the furnace.

Is the Nest Thermostat Worth It? Cost:

The Nest Thermostat Generation 3 is what I have in my home and I was willing to pay the extra money for the sleek looks and overall beautiful design of the Nest Thermostat. However if you are looking for a less expensive option that has most of the same features and energy saving benefits the Nest Thermostat E has almost all of the same features but at a lower cost. The biggest difference between these two thermostats is that the Nest Thermostat E is made of more plastic, and comes in only one finish vs the highly polished glass and Stainless Steel finish of the Nest Thermostat Generation 3. The Nest Thermostat Gen 3 also has a variety of finishes that can fit almost any home decor or style.

Is The Nest Thermostat Worth It? Summary:

Yes, in my opinion I think the Nest Thermostat is a good investment that can help you save energy, help you be more comfortable in your own home, and even make you safer. The sooner you get a Smart Thermostat the sooner you can start saving energy and enjoying the additional features that make this smart home device a great addition to your home.