Does the nest thermostat work with google home?

How to get the nest thermostat to work with google home.

How to connect your nest thermostat to Alexa.

How to connect your nest thermostat to Alexa.

Google Home works with the nest smart thermostat to enable smart home control voice control of your smart thermostat. Amazon Alexa was the first smart speaker on the market but google was close behind with the Google Home suite of products. The Google Home Mini and Google Home smart speaker share a lot of similar features with Amazon Alexa. The major difference is that Google also owns nest so they push some specific features to the Google Home that are not available on the Amazon Alexa.

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1. Set up and install the nest thermostat.

2. Set up and install the Google Assistant App & Google Home app. Available on both the google play store and Apple App store.

3. Plug in your google home device.

4. Open the google home app and create and account or login.

5. Once you have completed the set up within the google home app click on the menu button in the top left corner.

6. Scroll down the menu and select Home Control.

7. Within that screen click on the + symbol to add a device.

8. If you have not already connected the nest app to google home you will need to do so here by scrolling through the menu of services until you get to the nest logo and click on it, or search nest in the search bar at the top of the add devices screen.

9. Login to your nest account.

10. Scroll down and click allow to accept the connection between nest and google home.

11. Your Nest and Google Home now work together. You can now say “Ok Google, set thermostat to 68 degrees”

Best Nest Thermostat & Google Home Voice Commands

“Ok Google, set thermostat to 69 degrees”

The nest thermostat will then be set to 69 degrees.

“Ok Google, set thermostat to heat”

Changes nest thermostat to heating mode.

“Ok Google, set thermostat to cool”

Changes nest thermostat to cooling mode.

“Ok Google, set thermostat to eco mode”

Changes nest thermostat to eco mode to save energy.

“Ok Google, set thermostat to off”

Turns off nest thermostat.

“Ok Google, what temperature is the thermostat set to?”

Your Google Home will respond by telling you if your thermostat is in heating or cooling mode and what temperature your thermostat is currently set to.

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Best Accessories For Your Nest Thermostat

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