Does Sonos Work With HomeKit?

Yes, the new Sonos Speakers like the Sonos One, Sonos Beam and Sonos Amp are all compatible with HomeKit Devices. What’s even better is that if you have older Sonos speakers you can upgrade them to be HomeKit compatible by adding a newer HomeKit compatible speaker like the Sonos One or Sonos Beam to your Sonos network.

Adding the just one new Sonos Homekit compatible speakers will automatically allow all of your all of your Sonos speakers to be homekit compatible as it will allow HomeKit to communicate with all of your existing speakers acting like a bridge.

What Is HomeKit?

HomeKit is Apple’s home automation standard that directly interfaces smart home devices with Siri. This means if you have a HomeKit compatible device it can typically be controlled with your voice using Siri. HomeKit also provides custom integrations, and settings that you can use to control your smart home through the HomeKit interface.

What Sonos Speakers Are Compatible With HomeKit?

Most newer Sonos products come with Airplay 2 and HomeKit compatibility built in but we’ve provided the list below of the current sonos speakers that work with HomeKit.

What Can You Do With Sonos and HomeKit?

Having your Sonos speakers connected to HomeKit allows you to play music on your Sonos device using Siri commands on your iphone. So you can be sitting on your couch and tell Siri “Siri, play grateful dead on my living room sonos.”

Your Sonos will then start playing music grateful dead in your living room. It’s almost like magic the first time you use Homekit and Siri to start playing music on your Sonos device.

It should be noted that all of the Sonos speakers we have listed above that work with HomeKit also have AirPlay 2 built in which means that you can quickly and securely stream music or media from your phone directly on your Sonos Speakers.

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Our Favorite Sonos Speakers That Work With HomeKit

I’ve tested the full line up of Sonos Speaker but have my favorites which are the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Sonos One: HomeKit Compatible

f you are just getting started with the Sonos Speakers I highly recommend that Sonos One Speaker as it’s one of the most feature packed smart speakers you can get.

Sonos One  Works With HomeKit

Sonos One Works With HomeKit

Don’t let the Sonos One’s small size fool you, it’s loaded with big sound. One of these can easily provide more than enough sound for a bedroom, office, kitchen or den. It’s surprisingly loud for it’s small size but what’s most impressive is it’s sound quality. Once you get started listening to music on Sonos you’ll notice how much better than it sounds than just about every sound system you’ve listened to and you’ll probably wonder why you waited so long to get a high quality streaming speaker.

Sonos One Top View

Sonos One Top View

The Sonos One also has Alexa and Google Home voice services built in meaning that you can control your smart speaker using Alexa or Google Home voice commands directly with the built in speaker on the Sonos One. There are rumors that the Sonos One will eventually have Siri built in through an over the air update but there has not been a definitive time frame laid out yet.

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Sonos Beam: HomeKit Compatible

Sonos Beam Works With HomeKit

Sonos Beam Works With HomeKit

The Sonos Beam is also one of my favorite Sonos that works with HomeKit. The Sonos Beam is designed as a Sonos speaker that can be used as soundbar for your TV and has Homekit compatibility built in. The Sonos Beam can be used as a stand alone soundbar or it can be combined with at Sonos One speakers to create a full surround sound setup for your TV.

The Sonos Beam can also be used independently to stream music when the TV is off or even if you want to stream music while watching a sporting event instead of listening to the sound.

The Sonos Beam also has Alexa and Google Home compatibility built in if you want to listen to use the voice assistants to control the Sonos Beam.

The HomeKit compatible Sonos Beam will allow you to use Siri commands to turn on the music, select a song, increase the volume or pause the music if needed all by speaking commands to Siri right on your phone.

Just like the Sonos One the Sonos Beam sound quality is impressive but the Sonos Beam is packed with even more sound and even more speakers in it’s slimline frame. The Sonos Beam is perfect when paired with a TV but is loud enough to provide sound for large spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, or family rooms. You won’t be disappointed with the Sonos Beam and after installing a lot of people decide to create a full surround sound setup by adding Sonos One Speakers to the Sonos Beam as part of a group of speakers.

On top of all that just like all of the other Sonos products the Sonos Beam looks great and sounds even better.