Ring Door View Cam Doorbell Video Review

Ring Door View Cam Doorbell

Ring Door View Cam Doorbell

In this video blog post we cover the Ring Door View Cam which is Ring’s latest smart home doorbell to enter the market. The Ring Door View Cam has many of the same great features found on the other Ring Smart Doorbells but is designed to fit in your existing peephole. Which makes the Ring Door View Cam perfect for renters or people who live in condo buildings.

The Ring Door View Cam is 100% wireless and is battery powered so you don’t need any existing wiring to install the Ring Door View Cam. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that can easily and discreetly be removed from the inside of the door for charging. It’s stated to have up to a 6 month charge and can be installed with the items provided in the box. It also maintains a built in manual peephole if you wanted to view who was at the front door and didn’t want to use the Ring App.

The Ring Door View Cam connects to your wifi network and then the Ring App so you can view the live and recorded footage remotely right from your phone. If you want to save an capture the footage Ring charges $3 per month for 30 days of recording but if you have a Ring Security System and are paying for professional monitoring Ring will include recording on your video doorbell and camera devices for free.

It our testing the Ring Door View Cam was easy to install and setup. It should be noted that if you plan on installing this smart doorbell camera you probably want to pick up both a spare battery and a method of having the doorbell “Ring” inside your home.

You can use the Ring Doorbell Wifi Chime an Alexa device to get the smart doorbell to “Chime” inside your home. We recommend using the Ring Wifi Chime as this seems to provide the most reliable option and won’t interrupt your music if you are playing it on an Alexa device.

The Ring Door View Cam also works with Alexa devices with a screen like the Alexa Echo Show or Echo Show 5 to display the live freed from the doorbell directly on your Echo Show.

This post covers how to setup your Alexa device with the Echo Show.

Once you have your Ring Door View Cam Doorbell connected to your Echo Show 5 device you can view the live feed by saying “Alexa, show me my front door.” and the live video feed will pop up right on the device.