Best Google Home Smart Locks

Best Google Home Smart Locks

We cover the best smart locks that work with Google Home to enable voice control of your smart lock. using google home.

  1. Yale x Nest Smart Lock - This smart lock works with Google Home to enable remote control with your voice. Nest is a division of Google which means the integration between the Nest Smart lock and Google Home are seamless. This is smart lock is easy to use and allows you to check the status of the lock and remotely lock it with your voice. What is great about this lock is that it offers maximum control flexibility with a keypad, phone app control, or voice control.

  2. Yale August Smart Lock - This Google Home enable smart lock combines all the features of well known smart features of August locks with the reliability of a Yale lock. The Yale August smart lock has a touch screen, remote control and scheduling and works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri voice assistants. It is a versitile smart lock that will preform a wide variety of smart functions when connected to Google Home.

  3. August Lock Pro - These smart locks have been around a long time and have proven to be a great lock that allows you to re-use your existing door hardware without needing to completely install a new lock. The August smart lock bolts on to the back of your existing door hardware making it the perfect smart lock for renters of condos. You can stealthy install this smart lock and your neighbors will never even know you have a smart lock on your door.

If you are in the market for a smart lock that works with Google Home these are the best google home smart locks. I’ve had a smart lock installed on my home for years and it has made my life easier by no longer needing to take keys with me on short errands, walks with my dog or when I go for a run.

Smart locks that work with Google Home will allow you to control you’re smart lock from your phone but they will also allow you to control your smart lock using Google Home and Google assistant voice commands to lock your door by saying “Ok, Google lock my door.”

A Google Home smart lock is a great way to upgrade your front door to allow full remote access, manage user codes and track the history of who has entered your house.

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