Ring Smart Lighting Spotlight Review

Ring  Smart Lighting Spotlight Review

In our review of the Ring Smart Light Spotlight we cover the smart features of Ring’s smart wireless outdoor Spotlights designed to light up outdoor areas around your home.

The Ring Spotlight is wirelessly controlled and battery powered, it connects to the Ring app on your phone to allow for smart lighting control using the Ring Smart Bridge. Once the Ring Spotlights are connected to the Ring App you can turn them on and off from your phone, adjust the brightness or adjust the built in motion detection settings on the Ring Spotlights.

The Ring Spotlights work with Alexa and can be set to activate your Ring Doorbell or Ring Cameras to record when motion is detected by the built in motion sensor on the Ring Spotlights.

We’ve found that the Ring Spotlights are great for providing additional security at doors and windows or lighting up a set of steps that might be hard to see at night.

It’s easy battery powered installation allows you to place the spotlights anywhere you want without worrying about running new electrical wiring.

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Do Ring Smart Lights Work With Alexa?

Do Ring Smart Lights Work With Alexa?

The new Ring Smart Lighting system works with Alexa and offers both battery powered wireless lighting and hardwired lighting options. The Ring Smart Lighting system provides built in motion detection, app control and can be integrated as part of the Ring Security System.

Using the Ring Bridge the Ring Smart Lights connect to the internet to allow for app scheduling, control and customization all through the Ring app on your phone. The smart lights are great for updating your existing landscape lighting or providing new landscape lighting without the need to run new wiring.

We teach you about the Ring Smart Lighting products and how they integrate with Alexa for voice control of your Ring Outdoor lighting.

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