Top 15+ Smart Home Blogs

Top Smart Home Blogs

Top 15+ Smart Home Blogs

Top 15+ Smart Home Blogs

We cover the Top Smart Home blogs that will help you automate your smart home. We review this list often and if you have any submissions that you think we should add please mention them in the comments or send us an email: and we will review your submission.

  1. - Of course were going to do a little self promotion here, were bringing you this list of the best smart home blogs to bring you value. We cover in depth issues about planning your smart home.

  2. - This is a new site founded by tech contributors from across the globe, they are publishing dozens of new articles each day and provide great content for you. They provide everything from smart home reviews to smart home how to videos.

  3. - If you live in the UK this is a great blog for learning more about smart home products. It doesn’t cover all the products for US based smart homes but is a great resource for EU & UK based readers.

  4. - They cover more than smart home topics but provide a good base of smart home product reviews.

  5. - The CNET Smart home blog covers smart home news and smart home products, does not cover how to guides as in depth as the other blogs listed above.

  6. - Blog that covers smart home products and Open HAB smart home automation modules. Based in NYC.

  7. - Smart Home Product Review Blog

  8. - Smart Home Product Review Blog

  9. - Smart Home Industry News, typically focused more on pro channels and less on consumer smart home products.

  10. - Focused on smart home product reviews

  11. - Focused on smart home product reviews

  12. - Smart Home Product Review Site

  13. HomeAutomationX Youtube Channel - A mix of product reviews and instructional how to installation videos for smart home devices.

  14. - Smart Home review site, limited number of product reviews but the site owner provides real, honest reviews of the smart home products he has installed and tested in his home.

  15. - Smart Home Product Review Blog & Product Link Blog.

  16. DIY Smart Home Guy Youtube - Great for DIY smart home projects that walk you through each step of installing smart home devices.

  17. - Smart Home Product Review Blog

  18. (Smart Home Section) - While not really a smart home blog, the do have the largest selection of smart home devices and several good guides on smart home product selection.

  19. - Good for reviews on smart light switches, and comparing smart home lighting products.