Does Arlo Work With Google Home Hub?

Does Arlo Work With  Google Home Hub?

Does Arlo Work With Google Home Hub?

Yes, All Arlo Cameras Work With Google Home Hub.

How do Arlo cameras work with Google Home Hub?

You can connect your arlo camera to the google home hub through the google home app (iOS), (Android). With your arlo connected to your google home hub it will allow pull up a live video feed of your arlo camera on your google home hub. We guide you through the steps below to connect your arlo camera to your google home hub.

All Arlo cameras are compatible with the google home hub including the new Arlo Ultra 4k and from what we saw at CES 2019 we think the Ultra 4k is Arlo’s best camera to date that will blow you away. Adding a google home hub to your smart home setup is a great way to add additional functionality to your smart home cameras.

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You can stream live video from  arlo cameras  on  google home hub .

You can stream live video from arlo cameras on google home hub.

What Is Google Home Hub?

Google home hub is google’s newest voice assistant with a 7 inch touch screen that has the same features of the smaller google home mini and a lot more. With The google home hub you can control your smart home plugs, smart home lights, smart thermostats, and smart cameras using your voice.

You can also ask your google home hub to play music, watch youtube videos, search for restaurants, set an alarm or check the traffic on your commute to work.

Connecting your google home hub to your arlo camera is great option to quickly pull up your arlo camera feed without the need for your phone.  I have a google home hub in the office so I can see my smart cameras quickly with just with a short voice command "Ok Google, show me the front door” . 

Use the Google Home Hub With Arlo To Monitor Your House

The google home hub can paired with an arlo camera to provide a live view of from any of your arlo cameras. It’s great if your laying in bed and hear something in the middle of the night. You can quickly pull up the live view of your front door without your phone. You can ask google home hub to show you the front yard with your voice or you can do it silently with touch screen menu on the google home hub.

When you get a google home hub your getting all of the great google home voice control features that google home devices are know for but also the additional functionality of a video touch screen that can stream your arlo cameras live video. With the google home hub you can also control your lighting, smart thermostats, and lock. There are hundreds of different manufacturers that have compatible devices. These smart home light switches and smart home plugs are both compatible with Google Home.

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How To Connect Your Google Home Hub To Your Arlo Cameras

Does Arlo Work With Google Home Hub: How to set up arlo cameras with google home hub. Step by step instructions.

Does Arlo Work With Google Home Hub: How to set up arlo cameras with google home hub. Step by step instructions.

To get the arlo video feed on your google home hub you need to do the following:

1. Install your arlo camera and complete the setup through the arlo app. 

2. Open the google home app. 

3. Inside the google home app, click on the “+” add button

4. In the next menu click on the “ + set up a device button”

5. This will take your to the set up menu, click on the “Works with Google” button.

6. This takes you to a list of all the different device manufacturers that are set up to work with google home. The top bar is a search bar. Type in “arlo” into the search bar.

7. When the arlo logo appears in the search click on the arlo logo.

8. It will then open up login in screen to the arlo app. If your information is correct scroll down and click allow. Or enter your username and password and click allow.

9. Once you you click allow your arlo devices will be connected to your google home hub. You can now control them with your voice.

10. You can pull up your arlo camera by saying “ Ok google, show me [name of camera in arlo app]” and the live video feed from your arlo camera will be displayed on your google home.

Alternatively if you want to pull up your arlo camera feed on google home hub by swiping downwards from the top of the google home hub screen. This will show the smart home control panel. If you click the Camera control logo it will show you all of your arlo cameras and you can select which arlo camera you would like to view. Click the arlo camera you want to view and the live arlo camera video feed will be displayed.

What Arlo Cameras Work With Google Home Hub?  

The entire line up of Arlo cameras work with google home including the arlo pro 2 and the new alro ultra 4K. Arlos cameras are popular because they are completely wire free and operate on a rechargeable battery allowing for maximum flexibility in placement. Arlo cameras are a great option for anyone who wants to monitor their home but doesn’t have any built in wiring for a camera system. They offer the one of the easiest installations for smart home cameras because alro doesn’t require any wiring. Just screw in the magnetic mount where you want it and the arlo camera is held in place by the high strength magnetic mount.

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Our Favorite Arlo Camera That Works With Google Home Hub:

Arlo Ultra 4K

We got a sneak peak at the Arlo Ultra 4K camera at CES 2019 and these cameras are awesome. The reason that we like the Arlo 4K cameras is that they offer the ultimate flexibility for any smart home camera. They can operate on rechargeable battery power or they can be installed with charging cable that will keep them constantly powered with no need for ever recharging the batteries. As a camera system it will allow you to have the most flexibility in where you want to place your cameras. The Arlo Ultra 4K cameras also have HD 4K resolution, built in night vision and an integral spotlight.

Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Arlo Pro 2 Works With Google Home Hub

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is a versatile camera that can operates on rechargeable batteries and can be placed anywhere within range of the base station signal. They can be placed indoor and outdoors and offer reliable smart home video protection and a great way to keep an eye on your home with a google home hub.

Arlo Technologies, Inc

Arlo Q Wired Indoor Camera Works With Google Home Hub

Arlo Q Camera

The Arlo Q wired indoor camera is great for monitoring indoor environments. It needs to be plugged in to operate but works even without the arlo base station and connects directly to your wifi network. It’s a great value for a reliable wired smart home camera.

Other Cameras That Work With Google Home Hub

There are dozens of additional cameras that work on the Google Home Hub but the most popular other cameras that work with the google home hub are the nest cameras.

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1. Nest Cam Indoors

This is by far one of the most popular smart home wifi cameras of all time. It was originally called the dropcam then rebranded as the nest cam. Millions of these cameras have been sold and you can’t go wrong using one to monitor inside your home. The common uses for the Nest Cam Indoors are as a baby monitor, to check up on contractors, nannies or cleaning crews.

2. Nest Cam Outdoors

The nest cam outdoors has all of the same great features of the indoor nest camera but is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. You can plug this camera into any outlet and all of the wiring and camera are designed to be placed outside. The nest camera is best if you already have outdoor outlets on your home and want to add additional security cameras. If you plan on installing the nest cam outdoor you should also plan on installing a compatible cover for you outlet like we cover in this post. The nest cam outdoors is great for monitoring your garage, font or back yard or alleyways.

3. Nest Cam IQ Outdoors

The nest cam IQ outdoors is the top of the line camera from nest with a 4K video sensor and HD video quality. It has all of the same great features other nest cameras are known for then adds additional artificial intelligence functionality with its familiar faces feature that can tell the difference between your family or strangers. This high end camera provides unmatched high end smart features. The nest cam IQ outdoors has clean lines and the wiring is designed to be installed through walls that gives it a built in look.

4. Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

The nest hello smart doorbell is one of the best smart doorbells on the market and a great option to protect your front door if you already have a nest thermostat, nest smart lock or other nest devices. We provide a full in depth review on the nest hello in another post here.

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