Does Echo Show 5 Work With Nest Hello?

Echo Show 5  Works With Nest Hello

Echo Show 5 Works With Nest Hello

Yes, the Echo Show 5 works with Nest Hello and will let you view the live streaming video feed of your Nest Hello on your Echo Show 5. In the video blog below we show you how we used the Echo Show 5 with the Nest Hello to stream live video from the Nest Hello.

Below we also cover the steps on how to connect your Echo Show 5 to the Nest Hello below.

Steps To Connect Echo Show 5 to Nest Hello

  1. Install and setup your Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

  2. Install and setup your Echo Show 5.

  3. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. 

  4. . Click the menu on the top left of the screen. 

  5. The menu will have several different options. Click on the "skills" tab in the menu. 

  6. This will take to you the Alexa skills store, Alexa skills are like "apps" for your Amazon Alexa devices. At the top of the screen there is a search bar. Enter "Nest" into the search bar. Two "Skills" will pop up. 

  7. Select the "Nest Camera" Skill. 

  8. Click “Enable” 

  9. Enter your Nest account user name and password.

  10. . Once you do that the skill is linked to the nest hello. Alexa will then ask you to discover devices, just click yes. If Alexa does not ask you to discover devices go back to the main Amazon Alexa home screen. Click on the menu at the upper left and click on "Smart Home" within the menu. 

  11. . Once in the smart home menu click on the "+ Add Device"  button if you don't see your doorbell listed in the devices. The doorbell shows up as a camera logo which looks like a circle with one leg. If you don't see your camera already in the smart home devices click the "+ Add Device" button. If you already have the doorbell added and it shows up in the smart home devices your Nest Hello Doorbell is connected to your Echo Show 5.  

To use your Echo Show 5 with the Nest Hello Doorbell all you need to do is say “Alexa, show me front door.” and the Echo Show 5 will show you the live streaming video of the Nest Hello. It’s important to note that if you choose another name for your Nest Hello Doorbell you will need to use the name you gave the Nest Hello in the Nest App to stream the doorbell on Echo Show 5.

The Alexa command is “Alexa, show me [NAME OF DOORBELL IN NEST]” and then you will be able to live stream the video. We’ve also included a video tutorial on how to Link Nest To Alexa but remember that you want to choose the “Nest Video Skill” if you are trying to link your Nest Hello Camera to Alexa. The video tutorial below shows generically how you link a Nest Alexa skill if you wanted to control other Nest devices like your Nest Thermostat.

Alexa Nest Video Skill - The Link Below Will Take You To The Skill You Need To Add On Alexa

Video How To Connect Nest To Alexa