Is Sonos Worth it?

Yes, Sono's is worth it, the sound quality is crisp, clear and intimidating, the user interface is great and it integrates with the most services and other apps to provide an abundance of features. 

Why is Sono's worth it: Sound Quality

When my wife bought me a Sono's for my birthday, when I plugged it in the most amazing thing was how different and rich the sound was compared to the surround sound speakers we had connected to the TV.

By no means am I an audiophile but even for my untrained ears it felt like a completely different music listening experience, it was like listening to my favorite songs for the first time again because the sound quality it delivered was so much better than I what I was used to listening in my car or on my headphones. 

 We have a single Sono's PLAY:1  in our open concept living room and it more than does the job. I've had the Sono's turned on at 30% and can feel the bass it generates in our bedroom on another floor the sound is astounding. 

Why is Sono's worth it: Amazon Alexa Integrated Control

All Sono's devices work with Alexa even the Sono's speakers that don't have a built in microphone. If you have a Sono's and an amazon echo device, you can just tell your amazon echo "Play music on Sono's" and like magic the Sono's responds and starts playing incredible music. 

But if you have either the Sonos One or Sonos Beam they come with a built in microphone and amazon alexa built into the speaker so you will have integrated amazon alexa control of your smart home speaker. You have all the features of the other amazon alexa devices paired with the high quality sound of a Sono's speaker. Given that the the higher end amazon amazon echo devices can run over a $100 it's worth shelling out the extra cash for the higher quality sound that the Sono's speakers provide and you will get the full feature suite of a device with Amazon Alexa built in. 

With amazon alexa built in to the Sono's speaker you can use your Sono's to turn off you lights, control your smart home, turn on your thermostat, set timers and of course play music. If you want to learn more about what you can do with amazon alexa on sonos we cover it further in our suggested posts below. 

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If your considering getting a Sono's my recommendation is starting with one of the Sono's devices that has amazon alexa built in because of the all-in-one functionality it provides. 

As of September 2018 these Sono's Speakers Have Amazon Alexa Built In: 

Sono's One  

Sono's Beam : Playbar

Connect Your Sono's To Alexa

To connect your Sono's to Alexa you just need download the Alexa app then go to the skills menu and enable the Sono's skill

Why Sono's is worth it: Expandability & Flexibility

With Sono's all of their products work together and your system is completely expandable. You can put a sono's in every room in your home or add a subwoofer if you want to turn up the base. All of the speakers are designed to natively work together and sync precisely so they are all playing the same song at the same time. If you've been in someones home who has a full line of Sono's products it will blow you away when you hear them all streaming music at the same time.

You can also create a full surround sound system for your TV or media room either by buying a full Sono's package or buying one speaker and adding pieces to it over time. 

Why is Sono's Worth it: Tune Each Room In Your Home With Sono's Trueplay

Sono's goes the extra mile with their trueplay tuning software, you can custom tune every speaker and every room in your home that has a Sono's in it with the trueplay tuning software on the Sono's app. The appl allow you to perfectly tune the sound of your Sono's to the unique conditions within each room in your home. You walk around the room with the trueplay tuning software enabled on your phone and Sono's automatically adjusts to get you the perfect sound. I don't know of any other speakers in the consumer market that have this functionality and it's the sign of a company that cares about their customers and end product.  

Why is Sono's worth it: Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri All In One

Before the end of 2018 Sono's plans to roll out an update to their existing speakers that will make all of their speakers (Sonos One & Sonos Beam )  with integrated Amazon Alexa control compatible with Google Home & Siri. This means in one speaker you will essentially get all three competing smart assistant services Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri. It's quite a package and the only smart speaker on the market that I know of that will have native control of all three smart home assistants. The update will be available on  the Sonos One & Sonos Beam before the end of 2018. 


Why is Sono's worth it: Streaming Services

Sono's integrates seamlessly with all of the most popular streaming services. There are literally hundreds of music services Sono's integrates with you can check the full list at Sono's website but if it's a streaming service you like and use the odd's are that Sono's has a direct integration with them.