The 101 Best Amazon Alexa Commands

Maybe you asked Alexa: 

"Alexa, what are your favorite Alexa commands?" 

Alexa-"I don't have an opinion on that"

Lucky you, because we do have an opinion on top 101 Amazon Alexa commands that you can use to control your home with Alexa voice commands.  If your one of the millions who has made the smart choice to get and amazon echo device, what can you do with Alexa? 

With Alexa commands you can control your smart home, get the daily weather forecast, play music, games, trivia and ask Alexa what foods your dog can eat. 

Alexa is the most sophisticated voice assistant on the market harnessing the vast power of Amazon to make your life easier with Alexa voice commands. 

But like any woman important in your life you need to know how to talk to her, and show her appreciation if you want her to do the things you've so kindly asked. 

Printable Amazon Alexa Commands List: We have included the full printable and downloadable list of the 101 Best Amazon Alexa Commands with this link: Download 101 Best Amazon Alexa Commands in PDF

Listen to this: Podcast #002 How to control your home with voice

We've categorized the best 101 Alexa commands that you can use to make your life better with Amazon Alexa

Basic Alexa Commands

"Alexa, whats the weather today?" 

"Alexa, Set timer for [xx] minutes." 

"Alexa, set an alarm for 8am."

"Alexa, play music."

Amazon Alexa Compatible Devices, Sonos Speaker, Amazon Echo Dot & Nest Thermostat Generation 3

Amazon Alexa Compatible Devices, Sonos Speaker, Amazon Echo Dot & Nest Thermostat Generation 3

Best Smart Home Alexa Commands

Smart Thermostat/HVAC Alexa Commands

"Alexa, set thermostat to 72 degrees" 

"Alexa, set thermostat to cool" 

"Alexa, set thermostat to heat" 

"Alexa, set thermostat to off"

"Alexa, set thermostat to eco mode" 

"Alexa, set [Name of Thermostat] to 72"

Pro Tip: If you have more than one thermostat you must use the name the specific thermostat when telling Alexa commands

Smart Lighting Alexa Commands

"Alexa, turn off the living room lights" 

"Alexa, turn on the living room lights" 

Pro Tip: If you have compatible smart home light switches you can control your smart home lighting with voice.  You name the light switch based on it's location, then you can add the light switch to groups to control entire areas or floors of your home. 

Listen to this: Podcast #006: To learn how to automate your lights with Alexa voice commands. 

"Alexa, set bedroom light to 50%" 

Pro Tip: If you have compatible smart light switch dimmers you can set the light to any range between 1-100% 

"Alexa, turn off bedroom lamp" 

Pro Tip: If you don't want to do any wiring you can still control your plug in lamps with Alexa using plug in Alexa controlled outlets. 

Best Amazon Alexa Commands List-1

Smart Camera & Smart Doorbell Commands for Alexa

"Alexa, show me my front door" 

Pro Tip: If you have a compatible smart doorbell such as the nest hello or ring doorbell and an Alexa Show or an Alexa Spot you can view your smart doorbell on your Alexa device screen. This also works with compatible smart cameras. 

"Alexa, show me my back yard camera" 

Alexa Commands for your Ceiling Fan

"Alexa, turn on my fan" 

Pro Tip: With the Bond Smart Home controller you can retrofit your old remote controlled fans to be controlled with Alexa without any additional wiring. 

Alexa Commands for your Smart Locks

"Alexa, lock back door" 

Pro Tip: With compatible smart locks you can use Alexa to lock your doors.

Alexa TV Commands

"Alexa, turn on the TV"

Pro Tip: To turn on or off and control your TV requires either an Amazon fire stick, Amazon Fire TV Cube or a TV with Alexa functionality built in. 

Compatible Smart Home Alexa Devices


Best Alexa Command Routines

Pro Tip: You will need to set up routines in your Alexa app, but once you do you can have Alexa preform muliple actions when you say a command like "Alexa, Start my morning" you can have Alexa tell you your schedule for the day, turn on your lights, set the thermostat to your desired temperture and play your favorite music. 

"Alexa, start my day" 

"Alexa, Good Night" 

Best Alexa Alarm & Timer Commands

"Alexa, set alarm for 7AM" 

"Alexa, wake me up everyday at 8AM" 

"Alexa, wake me up at 8AM to pop music" 

"Alexa, cancel alarm" 

"Alexa, snooze for 5 minutes" 

"Alexa, set timer for 10 minutes" 

"Alexa, set a 5 minute timer to flip the burgers" 

Pro Tip: If you set multiple timers while cooking if you give your timer a specific name like "Alexa, set a 5 minute timer to flip the burgers" Alexa will announce what you should do rather than just alerting you with a beep. 

"Alexa, cancel timer" 

"Alexa, how long is left on the timer" 

Best Alexa Music Commands

"Alexa, play music."

"Alexa, louder."

"Alexa, quieter." 


"Alexa, play [genre of music]" 

"Alexa, play [music artist]."

"Alexa, play Friday afternoon music." 

"Alexa, pair my phone." 

"Alexa, next song." 

"Alexa, last song." 

"Alexa, set volume to 8." 

"Alexa, turn this off in 10 minutes." 

"Alexa, set the bass to 6."

"Alexa, increase the bass in the living room." 

"Alexa, set the treble to 1." 

"Alexa, increase the bass." 

"Alexa, decrease the bass." 

"Alexa, set bass to 4 on sonos speaker." 

"Alexa, create A Cardi B playlist." 

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Best Alexa Schedule, Calendar & Reminder Alexa Commands

"Alexa, whats on my calendar?"

"Alexa, show me my calendar" 

Pro Tip: Alexa will show your calendar events if you have an Amazon Alexa device with a screen such as the Echo Spot or Echo Show. 

"Alexa, what am I doing Thursday?" 

"Alexa, what am I doing tomorrow?" 

"Alexa, add an event to my Calendar" 

"Alexa, whats on my schedule?" 

"Alexa, add team meeting to my calendar tomorrow at 1PM"

"Alexa, add wash car to my to do list" 

"Alexa, remove wash car from my to do list"

"Alexa, whats on my to do list?" 

Best Daily Alexa Commands

"Alexa, what's the weather today?" 

"Alexa, whats the weather tomorrow?"

"Alexa, will it rain today?"

"Alexa, whats the temperature?"

"Alexa, play my flash briefing" 

Pro Tip: You can customize your flash briefing to play your favorite news stations in the Alexa App. A flash briefing is typically a 1-3 minute brief of the daily news by your chosen source. 

"Alexa, whats in the news" 

"Alexa, whats is the traffic to work today?" 

Pro Tip: You can set your home and work locations int the Amazon Alexa app and it will allow you to get a customized traffic briefing for your commute. 

"Alexa, what time is it in Paris?" 

"Alexa, who is playing baseball today?"

"Alexa, when do the Chicago bears play their next game?" 

"Alexa, when is the next [Team Name] game?" 

"Alexa, what is the stock price of Amazon today?"

"Alexa, what is the stock price of [Name of Stock]?"

"Alexa, what movies are playing?" 

"Alexa, what was the score in the cubs game?" 

"Alexa, what was the score in the [Team Name] game?"

"Alexa, what is the date today?"

"Alexa, set a reminder 30 days from now" 

Best Alexa Shopping Commands

"Alexa, add paper towels to my shopping list." 

"Alexa, add [Name of Product] to my shopping list." 

"Alexa, what's on my shopping list?" 

"Alexa, remove paper clips from my shopping list."

"Alexa, order paper towels." 

"Alexa, buy more coffee." 

"Alexa, where is my stuff?" 

Pro Tip: Asking Alexa where is my stuff allows you to track recent orders. 

One Hour Smart Home Favorite Alexa Commands

"Alexa, can my dog eat broccoli?"

Alexa Suggesting Alexa Commands to Try

Alexa Suggesting Alexa Commands to Try

"Alexa, how do you spell [Word]? 

"Alexa, what is 50 times 27?"

"Alexa, what is 20% of 135?"

"Alexa, sing me a song"  

"Alexa, tell me a joke" 

"Alexa, lets play a game" 

"Alexa, tell me something interesting. 

Calling With Alexa Commands

"Alexa, call mom." 

"Alexa, answer the call."

"Alexa, hang up." 

"Alexa, play messages."

"Alexa, drop in on the kitchen." 

"Alexa, announce dinner is ready"

Pro Tip: When you use the word "announce" it will repeat what you said on all amazon echo devices in your network. 

Movie & TV Alexa Commands

"Alexa, open netflix." 

"Alexa, play stranger things." 

"Alexa, who stars in mission impossible." 

"Alexa, show me movies with Ryan Gosling in them"

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We have included a full downloadable list of the best Amazon Alexa Commands below. The 101 Best Amazon Alexa Commands Printable list is in high resolution PDF Format for your use.

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101 Best Alexa Commands Printable List
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