Does Ring Security System Work With Alexa?

Does  Ring Security System  Work With Alexa? Yes, fabulously.

Does Ring Security System Work With Alexa? Yes, fabulously.

Yes, The Ring Security System Works With Alexa.

You can easily and quickly connect your Ring Alarm System to Amazon Alexa for full voice functionality. If you enable the “Ring Skill” on Amazon Alexa you it will allow you to Arm and Disarm Your Ring Alarm System with your voice and a voice pass code. The Ring Alarm System features will work with all Amazon Echo Devices and it has one of the most comprehensive Alexa integrations to date of any alarm system.

The Ring Alarm Security System keeps getting smarter through over the air updates and additional smart home devices being added to the Ring Alarm Ecosystem like motion sensors, door sensors, window sensors, flood detection sensors, sirens and smoke alarms. In 2019 the Ring Alarm is probably one of the best Alarm systems on the market offering exceptional value and unmatched features.

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What is the Ring Alarm System?

The Ring Alarm System was launched in 2018 and allows you to connect a variety of security sensors to protect your home. The Ring Security system is entirely wireless and can be installed by anyone with a smartphone or tablet. The basic Ring Alarm System includes a Ring Base Station, Ring Keypad, Ring Motion Detector and Ring Door/Window Sensors. The Alarm system can be upgraded with additional sensors or you can purchase a larger Ring package that includes more sensors. The Ring Alarm system works with Alexa to allow hands free arming and disarming of your alarm system using your voice and a verbal pass code.

I’ve installed the Ring System in my home and love it because it doesn’t require any contracts, it’s easy to use and was easy to install. If you want full professional monitoring (Live person who calls police if your Ring Security System is tripped and you don’t answer) With your Ring Security System you can get professional monitoring for only $10 per month through the Ring App.

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Ring Security System Our Take

I’ve heard of other people having issues with connectivity and reliability with the Ring Alarm System but have not experienced a single issue with the system. It has been reliable and intuitive. I suspect that their might be competitors are spreading false narratives about the Ring Security System or they haven’t tried the system yet because I haven’t found any big detractors yet. The system build quality exceeds industry standards and provides a much better long term value with professional monitoring at only $10 per month. The Ring Security System working with Alexa sets it apart from the crowd with easy to use Alexa Commands.

If you get the professional Alarm monitoring plan from Ring you will automatically get free video cloud recording storage for all of your Ring Cameras at one address, including the Ring Doorbell Pro, Ring Doorbell, Ring Floodlight Cameras and Ring Stick Up Cameras. The combination Alarm monitoring and cloud video storage for all your security cameras for $10 a month is unheard of in the security industry.

Ring Alexa Skill

Ring Alexa Skill

What Can You Do With Ring Alarm And Alexa?

Connecting your Amazon Echo Device to your Ring Security System you will be able to arm, disarm the system, check the system and change security levels on the Ring Security System. We have the Alexa commands you need to use your system below but you will also need to connect the “Ring Alexa Skill” inside of the Alexa App in order for the Alarm to function properly.

Ring Security System Alexa Commands

Here are all the Alexa Commands to arm, disarm and check the status of your Ring Security System. You can only disarm your Ring Security System with your voice using your security code which prevents intruders from trying to disable your Ring Security System with their own voice. You will also need to enable the “Voice Ring Security Code Feature” inside of the Alexa device menu by clicking on the Ring device.

Ring Security System Alexa Commands

“Alexa, Arm.” - Will automatically arm Ring Security System to stay mode.

Alexa’s Response: “Ring is Armed in Stay Mode”

“Alexa, Disarm” - Will disarm Ring Security System but requires passcode.

Alexa’s Response: “What’s your voice code for Ring?”

Me: “5 5 5 5” - Alarm passcode.

“Alexa, is Ring Armed?” - You can ask Ring Security System it’s current status. and it will respond.

Alexa’s Response: “Ring is disarmed”

“Alexa, Arm Security System”


“Alexa, Arm to Away”

Alexa’s Response: “Ring is armed in away mode, you have 180 seconds to exit.”

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Ring Security System Compatible Devices

1. Extra Ring Security System Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are great to cover larger spaces where someone might enter your home, like a garage, or a room with lots of windows. Rather than install a window sensor at each window you could cover the whole room with a motion sensor.

2. Extra Ring Security System Door or Window Sensor

If you have lots of doors and window that you want to cover with the Ring Security System the 14 pack of devices has the best value but you can also add individual window and door security sensors as needed.

3. Extra Ring Alarm Keypad

Great if you have additional entrances like a garage, back door or basement door that you use often, or place in your bedroom for quick arming and disarming.

4. Ring Security System Range Extender

The range extender will help make the connections between your Ring Security System devices better. If there are devices that are disconnecting or out of range you can add the plug in range extender to help the devices operate better. The range of the sensors is listed in the 100-150 ft range but if you have lots of walls or brick/concrete walls it will decrease the range of the sensors further and adding a Range Extender can help.

How I use Alexa With Ring Security System.

I have an Alexa device in pretty much every room in my house, including the garage so rather than use the keypad to arm and disarm the system I primarily use Alexa to Arm and Disarm my security system because it’s quicker and easier to do when walking in or out. I use Alexa far more to control my smart home than I ever use any app, I use voice commands about 10 times more than I use an app to control my smart home system.

It’s also nice to check the status of the system before I go to bed to make sure our home is secure and if for some reason I forgot to set the security system I can do it quickly with a voice command while lying in bed rather than needing to get my phone or go to the Ring Alarm System control panel.

I find the voice control to be a huge advantage over other security systems because it means you don’t need to have multiple keypads (unless you want them) and it makes using the system easier. Old style security systems often had a keypad at each entrance and one in the master bedroom. With Alexa I can do all of the same things as the keypad but if I want to add additional keypads to the system it’s not a problem.

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How to connect Alexa To Ring Security System

Does The  Ring Security System  Work With Alexa? Yes, just follow the outlined steps to connect Ring Alarm to Alexa.

Does The Ring Security System Work With Alexa? Yes, just follow the outlined steps to connect Ring Alarm to Alexa.

To connect your Ring Security System to Alexa you need to do the following:

1. Install your Ring Security System and complete the set up through the Ring App.

2. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. 

3. Click the menu on the top left of the screen. 

4. The menu will have several different options. Click on the "skills" tab in the menu. 

5. This will take to you the Alexa skills store, Alexa skills are like "apps" for your Amazon Alexa devices. At the top of the screen there is a search bar. Enter "Ring" into the search bar.  

6. Select the "Ring" Skill. 

7. Click Enable. 

8. Enter your Ring account username and password. 

9. Once you do that the skill is linked to your Ring camera. Alexa will then ask you to discover devices, just click yes. Your Ring Security System should now be connected to Amazon Alexa.

11. To arm your system with voice just say "Alexa, arm my system"  and Alexa will respond with arming the system.

If you want to disarm the system you will need need to set up your voice passcode to disarm the system. This prevents someone shouting through a window disarming your system who doesn’t know the passcode. Follow the steps below to set up disarming your system with voice.

Setting Up The Voice Disarm Feature With  Ring Security System  and Alexa

Setting Up The Voice Disarm Feature With Ring Security System and Alexa

Amazon Alexa Devices That Work With Ring Security System.

The entire lineup of Alexa devices works with the Ring Security System. My personal favorite Echo devices are the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV Cube & Echo Dot. The Echo Show has the best features of any Echo device and has surprisingly good sound quality.

Does the Ring Security system use batteries?

Yes, the motion sensors and window/door sensors use CR123A lithium Ion batteries and are claimed to last up to 2 years. The Ring Base station must be plugged in and the Ring Keypad has a rechargeable battery built in that needs recharging about once a year according to documentation.

Ring Security Sensors ship with Panasonic Lithium Ion CR213A batteries. They are non-rechargeable and are reported to last up to 2 years with normal usage but the battery life depends on multiple factors, like how you have the motion settings adjusted, how often you open and close doors and the network signal strength. The CR123A Batteries are also the exact same batteries that the nest security system uses.

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Full Lineup of Ring Cameras Compatible With The Ring Security System.

If you are looking at outfitting your entire house with a security system Ring offers the best long term value because with the $10 per month professional monitoring you get up to 60 days of free cloud video storage for an unlimited number of Ring Devices at one address. This mean if you have a Ring Security System and a

1.Ring Doorbell Pro - This is the best doorbell Ring has on the market and if you already have an existing working hardwired doorbell this doorbell will provide great quality images at your front door.

2.Ring Doorbell 2 - This doorbell can either be hardwired or run on rechargeable batteries. If you don’t have any existing wiring and don’t plan on adding any or it is infeasible to do so the Ring Doorbell 2 is a great option because no wiring is required. You can literally screw in a few screws set the doorbell up and your monitoring your front door in no time. If you have existing hardwiring for your doorbell I highly recommend that you spend the extra money and get the Ring Pro doorbell as it has better performance, a slimmer profile, and advance motion detection that is better than the Ring doorbell 2. But if you don’t have any wiring the Ring Doorbell 2 is the gold standard in battery operated doorbells.

3.Ring Floodlight - The Ring Floodlight is one of my favorite smart home devices because it serves a dual function as a camera and a floodlight. As a connected floodlight you can schedule it to go on at sunrise or sunset or using a custom schedule through your phone or you can set it to go on when motion is detected. It also has a built in HD camera and alarm siren that you can trigger with your phone. The Ring Floodlight can be hardwired at any exterior junction box or be used to replace existing light fixtures.

5. Ring Stick Up Cam - The Ring Stick up cam is relatively new to the Ring lineup and offers easy installation, just stick it up and set it up, it’s that easy.

6. Ring Spotlight Cam - The Ring Spotlight camera comes in both a battery powered and hardwired version it has many of the same features as the floodlight camera with a smaller lighting coverage area.