Does Echo Spot Work With Ring Doorbell?

Does Echo Spot work with the Ring Doorbell?

Does Echo Spot work with the Ring Doorbell?

Yes, the Echo Spot works with the Ring Doorbell to display the live video feed of your Ring doorbell on your Echo Spot. The Echo spot can also be used as a doorbell to “Ring” and alert you when your Ring Doorbell is pressed. To view the live video feed of your Ring Doorbell on your Echo Spot you can do so by saying “Alexa, show me front door.” and the live video feed of your Ring Doorbell will appear on the Echo Spot video screen.

This feature will also work with the larger Echo Show with it’s 10” screen. However many people prefer the Echo Spot over the Echo Show because of the smaller form factor of the Echo Spot and more alarm clock like appearance. Typically the Echo Spot doesn’t overwhelm a nightstand like the Echo Show could and the Echo Spot fits into the smallest of spaces and blends in nicely with it’s rounded lines and compact package. The Echo Spot provides a great bedside option to view your Ring Doorbell smart doorbell at night without getting out of bed. The Echo Spot offers all of the same features as the Echo Show just in a smaller size.

It’s great to use the Echo Spot to live stream and view my front door smart doorbell in my bedroom at night if I hear something outside or in the morning when we let the dog out to check on him. It’s a great way to check things out without getting out of bed at night and allows you to still have your phone handy and free to call the police or a neighbor if you spot something suspicious outside.

Having the Echo Spot connected to the Ring Doorbell offers a major advantage in the situations where you would need to make an emergency phone call, because you can still watch what is going on outside while you are talking on the phone.

The Echo Spot works with the Ring smart doorbell and all of the Ring Smart Cameras in a similar manner and will allow you to live stream any of the Ring Cameras on your Echo Spot. So if you have other Ring Cameras like the Ring Floodlight Cam or Ring Stick Up Cam throughout your property you could also pull their live video stream up on your Echo Spot.

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Echo Spot And Ring Doorbell

If you don’t have an existing doorbell chime wired to your Ring Doorbell the Echo Spot will work great as a wireless doorbell chime because it can be placed anywhere in your home to “Ring” and alert you when when the doorbell is pressed. It can also alert you to motion alerts with a noise if if motion is detected and you have the setting enabled.

hardwired traditional doorbell chimes aren’t always placed in a location where you can hear them so connecting the Ring Doorbell to the the Echo Spot allows you to place the a doorbell chime wherever you need it in your home so you can hear it.

What Else Can an Echo Spot Do?

The Echo Spot is packed with ton’s of features even if you don’t have it paired with a Ring Doorbell. The Echo spot has a full video touch screen display that you can interact with and view videos on. With the Echo Show you can use it as an alarm, set reminders, view your daily news feed, and even watch Amazon movies on the Echo Spot. I most commonly use my Echo Spot as an alarm, because it has a great dimmable clock face and I can easily view the daily weather and my schedule for the day when I wake up.

We also commonly use the Echo Spot to turn on and off the light in our bedroom, play music and control other smart home devices in our house with voice commands like the Nest Thermostat and our Sonos full house sound system.

My wife likes the Echo Spot more than the Echo Show because it fits in better with the design and is unobtrusive compared to the Echo Show. To the untrained eye the Echo Spot just looks like a small alarm clock, but it’s packed with an endless amount of features and literally thousands of “Skills” which are like apps for the device. One cool feature is that you can even find skills that create ambient sounds like rain, white noise or a fan that can help you wind down for sleep.

How To Setup Echo Spot With Ring Doorbell:

How to setup Echo Spot with Ring Doorbell

How to setup Echo Spot with Ring Doorbell

  1. Setup and install your Ring Doorbell on the Ring App

  2. Setup and install the Echo Spot with the Alexa App if you have not already done so.

  3. Go to the Skills Menu on the Alexa App and search for the “Ring” skill and enable it on your Alexa App.

  4. Follow the in app instructions to setup the Ring Doorbell with Echo Spot. This typically requires that you enter your Ring account login information.

  5. Finish the setup and allow the device to be enabled on the Alexa app.

  6. To use your Echo Spot to view the Ring live stream just say “Alexa, show me Front Door.” if you have named your doorbell something other than front door you will need to say that specific name to view the Ring Doorbell on your Echo Spot. So you would say “Alexa, show me [NAME OF DOORBELL].”

Below is what the Ring Doorbell Skill looks like in the Amazon Skills store.

Summary: Echo Spot and Ring Doorbell

The Echo Spot is a great option as a bedside alarm clock, smart home controller and a way to view your Nest Hello on your Echo Spot video screen. The Echo show has a built in touch screen and packs all of the same features as the Echo Show and Echo Dot in a small package with video screen capabilities. You can listen to music, set an alarm, or ask about weather on the Echo Spot.

The Echo Spot has a clean look and compact design that makes it suitable for any room but it does look great on a night stand and can replace your old non-smart alarm clock. We use and Echo every morning to ask the weather, turn on the lights, set the temperature for the day and raise our blinds.

Having an Echo Spot is a great way to view what is happening at your front door if you hear something and don’t have your phone near by or if your phone is dead. I’ve enjoyed the Echo Spot for several years and it can make a great addition to any home and will increase the functionality of your Ring Doorbell.