Best Sonos Remote

Sonos Remotes Work With All Sonos devices.

Sonos Remotes Work With All Sonos devices.

In this post we will cover the best Sonos Remote and how you can control your Sonos system using a stand alone remote control.

Sonos sound systems are amazing and I have Sonos speakers located throughout my house for full immersive sound. Most of the time I have my phone with me and I just use the Sonos App on my phone to control the music i want to listen too.

However if you have a house filled with Sonos speakers there are times that you will want to just push a button and quickly turn on or off your Sonos Speakers so you can listen to music. I don’t always have my phone with me and there are sometimes I don’t want to look at my phone and be distracted by emails or text messages.

This is where a Sonos remote comes in. Sonos remote controls are designed to be placed throughout your house and can be programed to turn on your Sonos speakers or a group of Sonos Speakers with a push of a button.

Sonos doesn’t make a remote control in house by they have partnered with to smart home companies that provide two great options for a Sonos remote.

Sonos Amp & All Sonos Speakers Work With The Sonos Remotes Listed.

Sonos Amp & All Sonos Speakers Work With The Sonos Remotes Listed.

Best Sonos Remote

Both Sonos remotes we list below are designed to be standalone remotes that can be easily mounted on a wall to control your Sonos speakers in a specific room or throughout your house. There are other “smart home” remote systems that control a wide array of smart home functions including Sonos devices but I have found the multi purpose remotes to be clunky and it’s much easier to use the Sonos app. Using a hand held remote that you need to carry around your house defeats the purpose of a remote.

However using a small wall mounted Sonos remote to quickly turn on or off your Sonos System in your house works great and for me achieves exactly what I want. I can turn up or down the volume, play my favorite music or pause the music if i need to take a call all with the push of one button.

I’ve put a Sonos Remote in each of the rooms I have a Sonos device in as well as one right next to my front door so I can turn on and off my Sonos Speakers without the need to use my phone before I leave the house.

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If you have built in Sonos controlled speaker system adding the remotes is a huge upgrade and makes using your built in Sonos system simple.

#1 Best Sonos Remote: Lutron Caseta Pico Sonos Remote

Lutron makes a compatible Sonos Remote that allows you to control your Sonos system with Pico remote controls. The 5-button remote control features play/pause buttons, skip track button, a "cycle favorites" button, as well as raise/lower volume.

What I like about this remote is it’s easy setup, long battery life (10 years) and great integration with Sonos. The Lutron Caseta system this interfaces with allows a ton of simple customization to set up your sound system exactly like you want it.

To use the Lutron Sonos Remote control you will need to get a Lutron Bridge that connects to your wifi router. You can buy the bridge separately or the best deal we have found is buying the Lutron Caseta Bridge that comes with a smart lighting kit, which includes a smart light switch. If you’re interested in adding smart lighting control at some point in the future it’s not a bad Idea to get the lighting kit which includes that smart bridge you need.

If you are out fitting your entire home with Sonos remotes the Lutron Caseta Sonos Remotes offers the most economical option because each remote itself is reasonably priced. I use these remotes in my house and have found them to be responsive and reliable. I haven’t had any issues using them with my Sonos speakers.

The Lutron Caseta Sonos remotes also have the advantage of having a very slim profile. They are actually designed so they can fit in a standard light switch cover and can even be surface mounted with a light switch cover. When installed with a light switch cover it looks like they are hardwired and built in even though all it requires is 2 screws in the wall and a standard light switch cover. To flush mount the Lutron Caseta Sonos remotes you will need the Pico Wall Mounting Plate and a Lutron Cover plate or standard light switch cover plate. The wall mounted Lutron Caseta Sonos remotes with cover plates are a great way to add the high end built in look to your Sonos Remote control in any room.

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With the investment you make in the Lutron Caseta hub it’s also nice to have the option to control smart light switches in the future.

The iPort Xpress Audio keypad does have one major advantage over the Lutron Caseta Sonos Remotes. The iPort Sonos Remote Control does not require a smart bridge like the Lutron Sonos Remotes and connects directly to your wifi network. But this functionality does come at a cost with a steeper price tag for each individual remote.

The iPort Xpress is a quality product and works well with as a Sonos Remote. Another nice feature of this Sonos Remote is that you can mount it on a Magnetic Wall plate that looks just like a built in switch but the remote is held in place with a built in magnet. This allows you to easily remove the remote and move it around your home for control from anywhere.

The iPort Sonos Remote has a rechargeable battery that is designed to last 4-6 months and can be quickly recharged using the port on the bottom. The iPort Sonos Remote has 5 buttons, (Play/Pause), Volume Up, Volume Down, Next Track & a Favorites button.

You can program your favorite tracks to play when the favorites button is pressed. The Sonos remote is programed using an iOS app from iPort to custom program the remote for the specific features you want. It should be noted that the iPort Xpress only works with iOS and is not compatible for setup with android.

Best Sonos Remote Summary:

If you are planning to outfit your whole home with built in Sonos Speakers and Sonos Remotes I would go with the Lutron System, because they are a top tier player in home automation and the system is a better value when using multiple remotes.

If you are only want one or two remotes for your Sonos system the iPort Xpress Sonos Remote Control is a great option because it doesn’t require a smart home bridge and connects directly to your wifi network. However it can get pricey if you choose to outfit your whole home with iPort Sonos remotes.

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FAQ: Sonos Remote

Does Sonos Make a Sonos Remote?

The official response would be yes, the app on your phone is a remote. But in terms of built standalone remotes Sonos does not currently make a Sonos Remote. However both of the Sonos remotes we listed (Lutron Sonos Pico & iPort) above are officially approved by Sonos as third party integrations and work great with all Sonos devices.

Do I Need A Smart Bridge With the Lutron Sonos Remote?

Yes, the Lutron Sonos Remote requires a Lutron Caseta smart bridge to operate. You can get the bridge independently or as part of a smart lighting kit or a music control kit. The bridge connects to your wifi router and allows you to use your Lutron Sonos Remotes.