Does Wemo Work With HomeKit?

Wemo works with HomeKit

Wemo works with HomeKit

Does wemo work with HomeKit? Yes, some Wemo smart devices work with HomeKit. We cover the best Wemo HomeKit devices below and how to pick the right Wemo Devices that work with HomeKit.

What Is HomeKit?

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home integration system that provides direct integration with Apple iOS and allows you to control smart home devices from one app the “HomeKit” app on your iPhone, Apple Watch or use Siri voice commands to control your smart home using Siri voice commands on your phone or Apple Watch. With HomeKit you can then control your smart light bulbs by saying voice commands to your iPhone like “Siri, turn on living room lights.”

What Can You Do With Wemo And HomeKit?

With Wemo devices with HomeKit you can control your smart lights or smart plugs directly from your iPhone or other Apple device using Siri voice commands. Connecting your Wemo devices to HomeKit allows the direct integration of your smart home devices with Siri on your phone.

I most commonly use HomeKit Siri voice commands to turn on and off my smart lighting by saying “Siri, turn off Bedroom Lights.” There’s nothing better than laying in bed at the end of a long day and telling Siri to turn of the lights for you without getting out of bed.

What Wemo Devices Work With HomeKit?

All the of the Wemo devices listed below work with HomeKit and we have ranked our favorite Wemo devices for use in your smart home.

Wemo HomeKit  Compatible Devices

Wemo HomeKit Compatible Devices

#1 Wemo HomeKit Device: Wemo Smart Dimmer

Wemo is one of the longest running smart home brands and one of the original makers of smart home light switches and outlets. A long time has passed since then and Wemo continues to expand their lineup of smart light switches.

These Wemo smart dimmers work with HomeKit and have integrated touch control for adjusting the dimming. A bar in the middle of the switch indicates the current dimming level. The only downside to these smart dimming light switches is that they don’t currently support 3 way configurations. However Wemo does make a 3 way on/off light switch that works on the same app and is listed below.

The Wemo smart dimmers will allow you to set schedules on your phone, create groups for the Wemo dimmers and set scenes for your home lighting. With HomeKit and Siri you can turn on and off these smart dimmers through the app or with Siri voice commands. You can also adjust the dimming levels using Siri commands by saying “Siri, set living room lights to 50%.”

The Wemo dimmer switches work directly though you wifi network and don’t require a smart home hub for setup.

#2 Wemo HomeKit Device: Wemo Smart Plugs

The Wemo smart plugs work with HomeKit and are one of the most versatile smart home devices you can get. The smart plugs don’t require any wiring, they just plug right into a wall outlet and are ready to setup. To set up the Wemo Smart plugs all you need to do is download the Wemo app, follow the instructions and plug in your Wemo smart plug.

With the Wemo smart plugs and HomeKit you can control devices you have plugged into the Wemo smart plugs with Siri commands. If you have a fan or lamp you want to turn on or off all you need to do is say “Siri, turn on fan.” or “Siri, turn on lamp.” and Siri and HomeKit will do the rest for you.

The Wemo smart plugs that work with HomekIt are a great gift for any tech lover or if you want to get started adding smart home control to your house. You can add major smart home functionality to your home just by plugging a few of these smart plugs in throughout your home.

The Wemo smart plugs that work with HomeKit and Siri don’t require any type of hub to work, they connect directly to your wifi network and allow you to control them right from your phone.

#3 Wemo HomeKit Device: Wemo Light Switch

The Wemo Gen 2 smart light switch works with HomeKit and provides on/off control of your smart lighting. The Gen 2 Wemo smart light switch works on the same app as the other Wemo devices and is a responsive smart light switch.

It does not allow dimming and functions just like standard on/off smart light switch. It has a backlit LED indicator light on the bottom of the switch and the switch is easy to turn on and off with just a toggle of the smart light switch.

It’s HomeKit integration and Siri commands work just like the other Wemo devices. It connects directly to your wifi network for app control through your iPhone. With Wemo and Siri HomeKit voice commands you can remotely turn on and off the Wemo smart light switch with your voice commands through Siri.

#4 Wemo HomeKit Device: Wemo 3 Way Smart Light Switch

These 3 Way Wemo smart light switches are unique in that they are 3 way switch capable. A 3 way light switch is a light switch that can be turned on and off from two locations like light switches that are commonly found at stairwells that allow you to turn on and off the light switches from both the top and bottom of the stairs.

The 3 Way Wemo light switches work with HomeKit and allow for Siri voice command control. You can install them just like a standard Wemo On/Off light switch but have the option to use them as 3 way smart light switches.

You only need one 3 way Wemo light switch per 3 way lighting circuit and you can leave your existing light switch wired up and it will still work with the Wemo light switch. These 3 way light switches are reliable and offer an easy setup with your existing wiring.

Converting Old Wemo Switches To HomeKit Control:

All of the light switches we listed above work with HomeKit and don’t require any kind of hub to work with HomeKit. All new Wemo light switches Gen 2 and above are designed to work with HomeKit by just connecting to your wifi network and then setting up through your phone. Wemo still sells some of the older light switches as distributors still had stock but all of the Wemo devices above are Gen 2 and compatible with HomeKit so just make sure you are getting the newer light switches by clicking on the links above or be aware of the difference.

However if you have older Wemo light switches in your home and want to upgrade them to HomeKit control you can do so. The Wemo Bridge Adapter which will allows you to provide HomeKit control to your existing Wemo light switches without needing to replace or rewire them. The Wemo HomeKit bridge adapter plugs into your existing wifi router and will upgrade your existing older style Wemo light switches to be HomeKit compatible.

Wemo HomeKit Summary:

The latest version of Wemo HomeKit devices are the great way add smart home Siri voice control to your home. Having your Wemo lights connected to HomeKit and Siri can encourage you to be more energy efficient, make your home feel luxurious and provide the ultimate voice control experience of your home.

The first time you control your Wemo light switches with your voice it’s magical to turn off your lights with HomeKit and Siri voice commands like “Siri, turn off my house.” and you watch as all of the lights in your house turn off.

Adding smart lighting is a great investment in your home your time. You can quickly turn off your lights with your voice while laying in bed or even at the office if you’re worried that you left them on when you left for work. If you want to learn more about smart lighting and how to install smart light switches you can do so with our smart light switch guide.