Ring Doorbell Chime - What Doorbell Chimes Work With Ring Doorbell Pro?

Ring Doorbell Chime Guide - What Doorbell Chimes Work With Ring Pro?

Ring Doorbell Chime Guide - What Doorbell Chimes Work With Ring Pro?

We’ve been getting lot of questions about what doorbell chimes will work as a Ring Doorbell chime with the Ring Doorbell Pro. In we've covered extensively what built in replacement transformers will work with the Ring Pro or how you can use a plug in transformer to power your Ring Doorbell Pro. But recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the best chimes to use for a Ring Doorbell Pro.

If you already have an existing mechanical doorbell chime it’s worth trying to connect it to the Ring Doorbell Pro there’s a good chance that it will work. But if you don’t have an existing chime, your existing doorbell chime is burnt out, or you connected your Ring Doorbell Pro and the existing chime doesn’t work this post will provide you will the compatible chimes that will work with the Ring Doorbell Pro.

Mechanical doorbell chimes and electronic doorbell chimes will both work with Ring Pro Doorbells as doorbell chimes. The Ring Pro system also has an advantage over other smart doorbell systems in that it can also be used with specialized remote wireless doorbell chimes like the Ring Remote Chime, Ring Remote Chime Pro or connected to Alexa devices like the Echo Dot to work as a doorbell chime.

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There are two main types of doorbell chimes on the market, mechanical doorbell chimes and electronic doorbell chimes. Mechanical doorbell chimes have a small metal piston that is actuated when the doorbell is pressed and it then creates a sound when it “chimes” a flat piece of metal inside of the chime box making a sound.

Electronic doorbell chimes don’t have any moving parts, they have a speaker that can play pre-recorded tones. Most electronic chimes have 10-15 pre recorded tones that you can choose from.

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Ring Doorbell: Electronic vs Mechanical Chime

We have found that mechanical chimes are the most reliable Ring Doorbell Pro chimes as they will work with a wide range of voltages and are easy to install and setup as a Ring Doorbell Chime. Electronic chimes will work with the Ring Pro Doorbell but your transformer needs to be providing sufficient power to operate electronic chimes and there typically more issues with electronic chimes than the more reliable standard mechanical chimes we list bellow. The following doorbell chimes have been confirmed that they will work with the Ring Doorbell Pro.

You should also take note that all of the Ring Pro Doorbell Chimes listed below are all standard size, meaning that the physical internal parts are standardized. If you don’t like the designs we have shown below, you can always take the cover off the chime and put a new standard size cover on the Ring Doorbell chime. We have physically tested the chimes listed below and recommend that you stick to these below, but you can switch out covers without needing to worry about compatibility.

Ring Doorbell Pro Compatible Mechanical Chimes List

1. Ring Doorbell Pro Doorbell Chime: Heath Zenith Modern

Heath Zenith 35/M Sleek Modern Design Cover, White

2.Ring Doorbell Pro Chime: Heath Zenith Standard

Heath Zenith SL-2796-02 Basic Series Wired Door Chime, White

Remember if you don’t like the design of these chimes you can alway install the chime and just change the plastic snap on cover because these are standard chimes. However you should use these exact chimes we list above as we have tested them, know they work, and have stood the test of time.

There are other similar chimes from different manufacturers but we have found that not all of the other chimes will consistently work with the Ring Pro Doorbell. We have had dozens of chimes installed with Ring Pro with no reports of failures. I personally have a heath zenith chime in my home connected too my doorbell and it has worked without issue. I had to install a new chime and transformer when I installed my smart doorbell because my existing chime box and transformer had burned out.

Ring Doorbell Pro Chime Electronic Chime List

1. Ring Pro Doorbell Chime Hampton Bay Wired/Wireless Doorbell

Hampton Bay Electronic Wired/Wireless Doorbell

It’s important to note that even though this doorbell is listed as wireless, it will not work wirelessly with the Ring Pro Doorbell. The chime will need to be wired to the Ring Pro Doorbell like a normal doorbell. This doorbell chime has 16 different chime tones to choose from and adjustable volume control.

2. Ring Pro Doorbell Chime Hampton Bay Wireless/Wired Doorbell Electronic Chime

Hampton Bay Wood Grain Doorbell Chime

This electronic chime has 16 tones and adjustable volume.

Wireless Ring Doorbell Chimes

If you don’t have an existing doorbell chime, or your existing chime is not compatible with Ring Pro the Ring Wireless Chime or Ring Wireless Chime Pro is a great option to use as a chime with your Ring Pro Doorbell. You set up your Ring Pro Doorbell then setup and link the Ring Wireless chime through the Ring App and it will allow your Ring Wireless Chime to work just like a doorbell chime no wiring required. Just plug in your Ring Wireless Chime anywhere in your home that you want to hear your Ring Pro Doorbell Chime and when the doorbell is pressed it makes a “Chime Sound”.

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Using Alexa as a Ring Doorbell Chime For Ring Pro

Using Alexa as a Ring Doorbell Chime For Ring Pro

You can also use Alexa devices like Echo Dot, Echo Show or Echo Spot as a remote doorbell chime for your Ring Doorbell Pro. To use your Echo Dot as doorbell chime for the Ring Doorbell Pro you will need to install both the Ring Doorbell and setup your Echo Dot or other Amazon Echo Device.

Once you have both the Echo Dot and Ring Doorbell Pro setup you can connect them by using the Alexa app and connecting the two devices together through the app. The video below shows how to connect your Echo Dot as a Ring Doorbell Chime for the Ring Doorbell Pro or any other Ring Doorbell device.

Connecting your Echo Dot to your Ring Pro Doorbell is a great option to increase the range of your doorbell chime or if you don’t have an existing doorbell chime it offers a quick easy work around with your existing Echo Dot or other Alexa devices.

Ring Pro Doorbell Chime Troubleshooting:

If your Ring Pro doorbell chime isn’t working but your Ring Doorbell Pro has turned on and is showing full power there could be several reasons the chime is not working.

1 - Your existing doorbell chime is burnt out

Solution: replace the existing doorbell chime with with one of the mechanical chimes we have listed above.

2 - Your wires are not properly connected in the Ring Chime connector, or not making contact. Or the wires from the chime connector aren’t connected to your doorbell.

Solution: Check the connections, if there is corrosion on the wiring clean off with sandpaper to expose good copper and reconnect. Make sure you have a good connections at the chime connector and the doorbell chime.

3 - Your wires are shorting out inside the chime box or in your wiring from the doorbell/transformer.

Solution: Check the wires in the chime box, is there any exposed wiring that might be touching unintentionally when you put the doorbell chime cover back on? Test the system with the chime cover off and ensure that no wires are touching that shouldn’t be causing a short. It’s unlikely that you have a short in your wiring to or from your doorbell/transformer but it is possible. These shorts are typically right behind the doorbell. Do you have any wires touching behind the doorbell that shouldn’t be? Other shorts can happen if a nail, staple or screw was driven through wiring somewhere in your home.

4 - Your transformer isn’t providing enough power to drive the chime.

Solution: Try everything else on this list before replacing the transformer but if you have low power shown at your Ring Pro Doorbell this is most likely the issue. You should read this post on compatible transformers with the nest hello, and choose one from the list.

5 - Your settings in the Ring app are not correct.

Solution: In the Ring app check your settings, check first to make sure your doorbell chime is on in the settings menu. If this doesn’t work toggle everything on, wait 3 minutes then toggle everything back on and wait 3 more minutes and attempt to ring your chime.

6 - Your chime is not compatible

Solution: Replace your chime with one of the chimes we have listed above. Use a mechanical chime for best results.

7 - Your Ring Pro Doorbell or Ring Pro Doorbell Chime Connector is Defective

Solution: Go through troubleshooting steps with Ring or return the doorbell and replace with a new doorbell. It’s unlikely that the Ring Pro doorbell or the Ring Pro doorbell chime connector is defective but it is possible.