Does the nest thermostat generation 2 work with Alexa?

How to get the nest generation 2 thermostat to work with Alexa

How to connect your nest thermostat to Alexa.

How to connect your nest thermostat to Alexa.

In 2015 nest launched the nest generation 3 thermostat, but many people still have the nest generation 2 thermostat which still works great and can be connected to Alexa for voice control. There’s no need to replace your nest generation 2 thermostat you can follow the steps we outline below to control your thermostat with Alexa.


1. Set up and install the nest thermostat generation 2.

2. Set up and install the Amazon Alexa App.

3. Within the Amazon Alexa App click on the “Skills Tab” within the Amazon Alexa menu.

4. Search “Nest” in the skills tab, and click enable on the nest skill.

5. Login in to your nest account.

6. Nest and Alexa now work together. You can now say “Alexa, set thermostat to 72 degrees”

Best Nest Thermostat & Amazon Alexa Commands

“Alexa, set thermostat to 70 degrees”

The nest thermostat generation 2 will then change temperature to requested.

“Alexa, set thermostat to heat”

Changes nest thermostat to heating mode.

“Alexa, set thermostat to cool”

Changes nest thermostat to cooling mode.

“Alexa, set thermostat to eco mode”

Changes nest thermostat to eco mode to save energy.

“Alexa, set thermostat to off”

Turns off nest thermostat.

“Alexa, what temperature is the thermostat set to?”

Alexa will respond by telling you if your thermostat is in heating or cooling mode and what temperature your thermostat is currently set to.

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Best Accessories For Your Nest Thermostat

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