Nest Hello Troubleshooting

Nest Hello Troubleshooting

Nest Hello Troubleshooting

In this post we provide you will a full Nest Hello Troubleshooting guide. It combines all of the knowledge we have gained over thousands of Nest Hello Doorbell Installations to get your Nest Hello up and running in your home. We have the quick links to the most popular topics below but also include a more in depth discussion of each topic below to help you with your Nest Hello.

We cover the following Nest Hello Topics in depth below:

Nest Hello Low Power Issues

Nest Hello Transformer Location

Nest Hello Compatible Chimes

Installing Nest Hello With No existing wiring

Nest Hello Mounting Solutions

Nest Hello Troubleshooting: Low Power / Nest Hello Transformer Issues

If you installed your Nest Hello smart doorbell and are getting yellow light ring around your Nest Hello is means that you have low power at your doorbell transformer and will need to upgrade it to a higher powered transformer. The Nest Hello Voltage requirements are 16V - 24V AC so you will need a Nest Hello compatible transformer. We have a separate in depth post that covers everything you need ton know about Nest Hello transformer installations. But here’s the short summary of what you need to know about the Nest Hello Transformer and how you can quickly fix the issue. If you know where your doorbell transformer is you can swap out your existing transformer for a 16V -30VA hardwired transformer like this one on Amazon. We have tested this transformer and thousands of installations have confirmed that it works with the Nest Hello.

Recommended 16V - 30VA Nest Hello Transformer

Nest Hello

Recommended Nest Hello Transformer 16V-30VA

It’s important to get at transformer that is 16V - 30VA rated. We have found that the typical 16V - 10VA transformers that seem similar that you can find at most local hardware stores don’t alway provide enough power which is why we recommend the 16V - 30VA rated doorbell transformers which provide more power to the Nest Hello Doorbell.

If you have a longer run of wiring 60-80+ FT you might need a higher powered 24V transformer here to power your Nest Hello. This is covered in more detail in our Nest Hello Transformer specific post but if you know you need a higher powered 24V Nest Hello Transformer we recommend this multi-voltage transformer.

If you want to check your transformer voltage before getting started with your Nest Hello installation you can do so by just unscrewing your existing doorbell and putting a multi meter across the terminals on the backside of the the doorbell. We have found this multi meter to be easy to use and reliable.

If you don’t have easy access to your existing doorbell transformer, or you don’t feel comfortable rewiring high voltage and installing a built in hardwired transformer, you can use a plug in transformer that plugs into to a wall socket and then connects to your doorbell wiring. You would need to either cut or remove your existing doorbell wiring from the existing transformer but this offers a simple way to provide power to your Nest Hello without needing to touch high voltage wiring. This post covers how to install a plug in transformer with the Nest Hello.

Nest Hello Low Power Resources:

Full Nest Hello Transformer Post and Guide ***Read this for more transformer issues***

Using a plug in transformer for Nest Hello *** Does not require high voltage wiring***

Recommended 16V - 30VA Nest Hello Transformer

Nest Hello Troubleshooting: Transformer Location

Well maybe you have determined that your Nest Hello has low power and you need to replace the transformer for your Nest Hello. A common problem that people run into when troubleshooting their Nest Hello is that they can’t find the Nest Hello transformer. We wrote an entire guide that includes specific instructions on where to look for your Nest Hello Transformer. We have used the information from thousands of installations to come up with the different locations where people have found their Nest Hello transformers.

If you can’t find your doorbell transformer we highly recommend taking the time to throughly investigate all locations where your transformer might be found. If you still can’t find your Nest Hello transformer then you can either install wiring, use a battery powered smart doorbell like the Ring 2 or Ring Door View Cam or use a plug in transformer to power your Nest Hello Doorbell.

Nest Hello Troubleshooting: Transformer Location Resource

Where is my doorbell transformer located ?

Nest Hello Trouble Shooting: Doorbell Chimes & Chimes That Work With Nest

If you have already installed your doorbell and have it up and running that’s great. The next issue a lot of people run into is that the doorbell chime won’t work with the Nest Hello doorbell.

You can have troubles with the Nest Doorbell chime for several reasons, it could be burnt out, it might not be receiving enough voltage or it might not be compatible with your Nest Hello.

We typically recommend using mechanical chimes over electronic chimes for the Nest Hello doorbell. We have completed an entire troubleshooting guide for Nest Hello Doorbell chimes and the options for getting your Nest Hello to work with your doorbell chime.

Below is the chime we have tested and recommend for the Nest Hello:

Recommended Nest Hello Doorbell Chime

Nest Hello Troubleshooting Chime Resources:

Recommended Nest Hello Chime

Troubleshooting Nest Hello Chimes

Using Google Home as a Nest Hello Chime

Nest Hello Troubleshooting No Existing Wiring

If you don’t have any existing wiring and you want to install a Nest Hello you can go a couple different routes. You can either use a plug in transformer, and wire it directly to your Nest Hello by just plugging in the transformer and running the wire to the Nest Hello or you can open up walls, install a built in transformer and hardwired transformer.

Installing a plug in transformer is much easier we cover how to install the plug in transformer in another post. We also have our full review and installation tips in this post.

If you are running hardwiring and a built in transformer you will need to follow the wiring diagram below for your wiring.

Recommended Hardwired Transformer

Nest Hello Wiring Diagram with  hardwired transformer

Nest Hello Wiring Diagram with hardwired transformer

Nest Hello Troubleshooting Mounting Solutions

If you are installing a Nest Hello you want to get the most coverage with your Nest Hello as possible. Depending on the layout of your home and yard how you install your Nest Hello can affect your coverage area. The stock kit for the Nest Hello comes with a Nest Wedge Angle mount that allows for 15 degrees of viewing adjustment. If you want more viewing adjustment you can get a custom Nest Angle Mount that allows up to 35 degrees of adjustment which can allow you to maximize the view of your Nest Hello. This post covers in depth how to install your Nest Hello for the best viewing angle.

Nest Hello Wedge Angle