Can I use a plug in transformer with the Ring Doorbell 2? What plug in transformer works with the Ring 2 Doorbell?

Ring Doorbell 2 Plug in Transformer

Ring Doorbell 2

Can I use a plug in transformer with the Ring 2 Doorbell if I don't have existing doorbell wiring? What plug in transformer should I use for the Ring 2 Doorbell?

Can I use a plug in transformer with the Ring 2 Doorbell if I don't have existing doorbell wiring? What plug in doorbell transformer should I use for the Ring 2 Doorbell? 

Yes, you can use a plug in transformer to power the Ring 2 Video Doorbell but there are a couple of things that you should know before you you install the plug in transformer so your installation will be successful.

The Ring 2 Doorbell does not require a transformer, but if you install a transformer it will greatly improve the user experience with the Ring 2 Doorbell by making the response time quicker, provide better quality streaming footage and better wifi connectivity. If you have the existing wiring on your home for your old door bell you should attempt to connect the Ring 2 Doorbell to the existing power supply, but if you don’t have the existing wiring we teach you how you can use a plug in transformer and wire it directly to the Ring 2 Doorbell.

If you install a plug in transformer with your Ring 2 Doorbell you will never need to change the Ring 2 Batteries. If you don’t install a transformer or don’t have existing wiring for the Ring 2 doorbell you can get extra Ring 2 Batteries and swap them out so you never run on low battery or without a battery but we highly recommend installing your Ring 2 with a transformer as it provides the best user experience.

If your existing doorbell wiring is not providing enough power to charge the Ring 2 Doorbell but does have some power getting to it, you can install a new plug in transformer that will provide the proper voltage for your Ring Doorbell very quickly.

To install the plug in transformer you will just need to disconnect your doorbell wiring at the old transformer, wire it to the ends of the new plug in smart doorbell transformer and then plug in the new smart doorbell transformer.  You can skip the rest of the blog post below and just order the plug in transformer that works with the Ring Pro Doorbell.-Available on Amazon.  We have tested and installed this transformer and know that it works with the Ring Doorbell 2. 


If you don't have any existing wiring for your Ring 2 Doorbell and want to know how to install the wiring and transformer with plug in wiring we cover the steps below. 

1. You will need to get a plug in smart doorbell transformer. 

* if you live in the U.K. you will need to use a different transformer for the Ring 2 you will need to cut off the connector and strip the ends of the cord for this to work. (UK Plug in Transformer

2. If you want the doorbell to "ring" like a doorbell you will need to either wire in a new doorbell chime or get a ring doorbell chime that will wirelessly connect to the doorbell and ring like a doorbell when someone presses the button. 

3. If you plug the transformer in outside you will need to protect it from the elements with a an outdoor outlet box cover. 

4. If the wires are run outside exposed the best practice would be to protect them from mischief and the elements with hard conduit, but you could also use metal wire mold or a plastic wire mold that will still hide and protect the wires to some degree. Your Ring 2 would still catch the person on video who tampered with the wiring.

The Ring 2 records when motion is detected based on your settings and allows you to know who is at your door even when your not there. It also works as a doorbell, so when someone presses the doorbell button you can see who is at the front door and communicate with them.   The difference between the Ring Doorbell 2  or Original Ring Doorbell is that Ring 2 has better resolution than the Original Ring Doorbell.

If you have an existing wired doorbell the Ring 2 Doorbell  can be installed with minimal modifications. If your transformer is between 16-24V and provides at least 10-30VA of amperage for your existing doorbell you can use your existing wiring and doorbell transformer without modification. If you already have existing wiring and you want to replace your hardired transformer we provided an guide and article on hardwired transformers for the Ring Doorbell 2.

But if you don't have any existing doorbell wiring and you want to install a Ring Doorbell 2 with constant power with you can go three routes. 

1. You can hire a smart home pro or electrician to run new doorbell wiring. 

2. Find an open location to wire and install a hardwired transformer.

3. use an existing interior or exterior outlet with a plug in transformer and power your new doorbell, which we cover below.

If your creative you can hide the wiring, behind trim or exterior features and most people will never know the wiring was there at all, or you can paint the wiremold you use to help it blend it with the surroundings.

What plug in transformer will work with the Ring Doorbell 2


Ring Doorbell 2 Plug in Transformer

This transformer is compatible with the Ring 2 and provides the correct voltages to properly power the Ring Doorbell 2. The Ring Doorbell 2 requires between 16V & 24V AC 10-30VA of amperage for power, this transformer provides 18V and will provide enough power for the Ring Doorbell 2. It is available on Amazon Prime

With the plug in transformer you can either plug it in inside and drill a small hole where you are going to locate your doorbell or you can plug it into an outlet outside near the doorbell and run the wires to the doorbell.  

If you plan on locating the doorbell transformer inside you should make sure that you plug it in somewhere that it won't get unplugged. If you have kids, a dog or visitors that are likely to knock the doorbell loose you should use an outlet cover box. We recommend the twin door outlet box because it has the depth and room to fit the transformer. But only use this box for interior installations, if you are plugging in the transformer outside we recommend this outdoor rated box.  If you need to drill through a deep wall to run the wires outside you will need a drill bit that is usually at least 8-10" long, but the longer you can get one the better. A typical wall is at least 5" deep and if your home is older or has 6" deep studs you will need a longer drill bit. 

That's why we recommend using these spade drill bits with a drill bit extension you will be able to drill all the way though any traditionally framed house wall. 

If you have a house with a masonry exterior you will need a drill that capable of hammer drilling and a masonry drill bit. Having worked in commercial construction for over a decade the most trusted power tool brand that I saw tradesmen and women using was Milwaukee, it is also the brand that I have used in my personal tool kit for over 6 years with no complaints. For a hammer drill you really need a tool that is up to the task made with quality components. If you don't want to buy a hammer drill you can typically rent them at your local hardware store for $20 a day. 

You don't need a large hole to get to small doorbell wires through the wall so we recommend using the smallest diameter drill bit possible when drilling through masonry as it is harder to drill through brick with a larger bit. You should also try and locate your doorbell so that the hole you are drilling starts in the grout rather than brick, starting your drill hole in grout will make it much easier to drill because grout is typically softer than brick. The Masonry drill bit we recommend is 16" and long enough to get though any masonry wall including those with double brick walls or brick & CMU walls. 

With the hole made through the wall you can then run the wiring through the wall. It is best to tape the small wiring to the drill bit with electrical tape and pull the wires back though the hole you just made. If this does not work you can use a straightened coat hanger guide the wires through the hole. 


Items Needed For Outdoor Plug In Transformer Installation:


  • Drill (for installation of doorbell)

  • Screwdriver

  • Wire Cutter/Stripper or Utility Knife for stripping Transformer Wire


Additional Items Needed if Drilling through Wood or Siding on House: 


Additional Items needed if drilling though a masonry wall:

We have included pictures of everything you need with links to Amazon below: