What Is The Prime Day Spike?

Prime day is one of the biggest shopping holidays on the planet and the deals that Amazon and it’s sellers provide can offer real values to customers. So why does Amazon and it’s independent sellers offer such incredible deals on Prime Day?

We think it’s because of the massive wave of traffic caused by Prime Day known ad the “Prime Day Spike.” The Prime Day spike offers a huge influx of traffic on both Prime Day and the days leading up to Prime Day that Amazon and it’s sellers can discount their goods to offer amazing deals because of the large volume of buyers searching for deals.

Unlike other shopping holidays throughout the year where thousands of merchants are all competing for your attention, on Prime Day, there is only one merchant who has the whole worlds attention, Amazon.

You can see the 2018 Prime Day spike below and the impact that it can have on traffic and sales.

Prime Day Spike

Prime Day Spike

Typically on Prime Day we’ve seen the everything discounted but some of the best deals from the Prime Day spike are on Amazon devices or devices from companies that Amazon has acquired like Ring, and Ecobee.

You can click here to see the latest deals being shown on Amazon.com but we also recommend checking in on the following Amazon devices durring prime day to see if there are any secret deals. Often times Amazon will offer combination deals with extra devices thrown in when you purchase a smart home device that works with Alexa.

Ring Alarm System


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